December 15, 2005

Hey Everyone,

This is the first time I am revising a journal entry after I have finished it because, I wanted to keep you up to date. I officially have finished my first full semester of college!!!!! I am really excited and I think I did really, really well. I already have gotten 5 of 6 grades back and although I have a few more ā€œB’sā€ than I wanted, I am ultimately satisfied at the effort that I put in this semester and am looking forward to future semesters where I can build on this one.

Wow, where to start. It sure has been a hectic couples weeks on the Embry-Riddle campus. Ok, Rockin’ The Holidays was an exciting, fun completion of the semester for Task Force One. About 120 people came out to support us in our endeavor and the band was great, the food was great, and people really enjoyed the prizes which ranged from gift cards, to toys, to lava lamps and black lights. After all the hitches we encountered this semester, we really pulled together and I felt we were successful in what we were trying to do. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home during the Thanksgiving Break so I was unable to supply you with pictures.

On a sad note, my computer died in these past couple weeks. One of the many wires I had sticking out of it wrapped around my newly bought office chair and that proceeded to pull it really hard onto the floor of my dorm. If anything comes from this experience it is to support accidental damage warranties, of which I did not have. For those of us who live in the great state of New York and are planning to attend the Daytona Beach Campus, we are out of luck because Dell doesn’t offer said warranties in those two states due to insurance and legal reasons. So I look forward to Christmas and next semester where I can raise enough money for a new laptop. Until then, my current computer is enshrined in my room. I have to admit, I did cry quite a bit when I realized the extent of the damage. I don’t think my computer would want to live with a feeding tube, so I just let it go. (Ok, bad metaphor at this point in American history, but still funny.)

Anyways, I am about to make the long road trip journey home beginning Friday with one of my high school friends who attends the University of Tampa, so I am getting really excited and pumped for that fun. It will be about a 20 hr trip, but since I lack a drivers license, her father is flying down and helping us drive. I am preparing to get my drivers license, however, but I-95 is not my ideal first driving experience. I am one of the few people left on campus, and it is quite refreshing to have the room to myself and I am totally relaxed. Pretty soon I will be packed into Victoria ‘s Toyota for almost a day. (If traffic goes smoothly!)

I can only wish everyone reading this the happiest of holidays, and a great new year. For those seniors in high school who are 17, remember this is your last holiday season as a kid, so treasure it, because next year will be soooooo different. I will talk and get you updated on the new semester next year, I hope you will all come back and read this. Don’t forget about me.

Happy Holidays!

P.S. After January 1, 2006 download the FAFSA (your financial aid form) and send it to all the schools you are applying to! Embry-Riddle has an early filer’s grant which if you file early enough, you will earn. I received it, and you should too! Good Luck!

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