January 12, 2006

Hi Everyone!

I can’t believe semester break has come and gone already! It feels like I just got here and now I am leaving to go back to Daytona tomorrow morning. I needed that break more than anything. It was great to see my family and friends again, sleep in my own bed, take a hot bath, drive my car, play in the snow, get waited on at the restaurant I used to work at, watch football with my grandpa, and especially spend time with Doug. I saw him nearly every chance I had over break. We especially had fun driving to Minneapolis to go to the Mall of America, Zoo Year’s Eve, movies, and going out to eat. I wish I could stay an extra week but I couldn’t change my plane ticket. So, I leave tomorrow morning for a full day of traveling. (I don’t get into Daytona until 10pm!) Classes start on Wednesday with a three day weekend after so I will have time to get settled again and back into study mode. I am hoping this semester will be much better than the last one, and I am so happy that I will only be away from home for two months instead of four this time.

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Age: 18
Hometown: Hermantown, Minnesota
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