May 24, 2006

Getting a Co-op/Internship here at Embry-Riddle is rather easy. One might be surprised about the opportunities available. While paperwork can be a pain, it is a normal part of the process. Getting a few signatures from different departments is something we are all used to here at Embry-Riddle, so not really a big deal.

I found out about Aviall from a friend and got all of the details from one of the advisors in Career Services. I was immediately interested in Aviall because it was , and still is , a company in the aviation industry that is doing very well. They were interested in students with knowledge in the maintenance field as well as business. I thought I would be a good candidate because I have my A&P mechanic certificates, which I received when I was in high school. In my internship I hope to gain as much knowledge as humanly possible! This is going to be my second summer with Aviall. If I can learn as many interesting and new things as I did last summer, it w ill be great.

I know that the professional relationships we make with the companies and the reputation of Embry-Riddle are of the utmost importance, but the personal relationships are of unparalleled importance. Aviall is a very laid-back kind of company, friendly and accepting of anyone that has an interest in the aviation industry. While with the company, I was treated like any other employee and the work I did was beneficial to the business. The personal relationships I made will be ones I keep for the rest of my life, may they be friendships, mentors, or just people that want for me to succeed in life.

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**Company:** Aviall, Inc. **Position:** Intern **Hometown:** New York City **Career goal:** I would like to be an Air Traffic Controller, but the business side of the aviation industry also seems very promising

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