May 25, 2006

It has been a great first week. On the first day, I attended a marketing department meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to familiarize the department with the intentions of Boeing, on their recent acquisition of Aviall Services, Inc.

I have been working on many promotions, such as Champion spark plugs and Dupont. These are programs designed to give the customer more for their purchases. They are very popular and time consuming. Not by any means is this an “intern job”. If I was not assigned to it, someone getting paid a hefty salary would have been doing it. I love it! I’m also honored at the amount of responsibility they trust me with. Today I was given a project to create flyers for new headsets that are being introduced very soon. They are for companies all pilots are very aware of, but due to confidentiality issues, I cannot drop any names.

The company has also grown since my last visit. They almost did not have any room to fit us in. They are going to expand the warehouse two hundred thousand square feet and will be constructing a new building across the street. It means business is booming, which is always a good sign.

As for the social scene, it has been a blast. It was just like coming back to school after a summer vacation, and seeing all the friends I missed. There was a welcome luncheon for us. We ate and learned all about each other. They also include us in all of the “business lunches”, even after hour social events. It really is great to be part of the team.

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**Company:** Aviall, Inc. **Position:** Intern **Hometown:** New York City **Career goal:** I would like to be an Air Traffic Controller, but the business side of the aviation industry also seems very promising

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