May 25, 2006

It’s Thursday night and for every Continental intern that means packing time! Every Thursday night we get our travel bags ready to jump seat to the destination of the weekend. For me that place is Seattle , Washington. My roommate and I are traveling out there for the weekend and meeting up with a friend of his. We aren’t sure where we are saying or how we are going to get around but that’s half the fun of just jumping on a plane somewhere.

This will be a nice vacation from the MD-80 ground school I have been in for the past week. We are cramming all the systems and operating procedures of the airplane in our heads in only a week’s time. Next Wednesday we begin our actual simulator training with an instructor in the full motion simulator. I can’t wait!

My time here is going by so fast because they keep us so busy. I haven’t had a free weekend to explore Houston except for the first weekend we were here. After that I flew to Washington D.C. , then to Orlando, and this weekend Seattle. Not sure yet where I will go next weekend but I’m thinking San Francisco or maybe Boston. I’ll check the flights next Wednesday and make my mind up then. For now though I need to pack!

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