August 10, 2006

Finally, there are so many other little things as an intern you do that affect they way you think about aviation and the world in general. The conference calls you sit in on, the meetings you are a part of and what you hear in the jumpseat. It all impacts you.

Going into this internship I had no idea what to expect. All I know was I was going to have a blast, and I did but the knowledge, not only about the airline, but about life in general could never be taught in a classroom.

Not only has the internship given me a leg up in getting to my ultimate dream of flying for a major airline, it has also prepared me for the mind set I should go into this industry with.

In my opinion, it should be a mandatory activity for every Aeronautical Science student in the Airline Pilot Area of Concentration to take part in an internship at an airline. It’s one thing to learn airline operations in a classroom setting, it is another thing to live it for four months.

The people I have met here at Continental are like family to me now, and I will be sad to leave. But I know I will be back here in a few years’ time.

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