August 1, 2006

It has been a fun few weeks. I have been working on some new projects with new people.

Last week I had to inventory three 6’x6’ crates of merchandise from NetJets. They are old Citation (jets) parts, which the company no longer operates. It was a long process, three days! I got thru it though.

I even went on a business trip to Abilene, Texas. It is about three hours west of Dallas. Aviall does business with an advertising agency, by the name of Zachry Associates. The ad agency does all of Aviall’s print ads, press, sales flyers, and market research. I got a tour of their facility and got to see some of the work they were doing for Aviall.

It was a great experience! I really felt like I was an employee of the company on important business. We drove there in the afternoon, stayed the night, and spent the next day at the ad agency. I loved it.

Next week will be my last week here, and I must say it is bittersweet. I’m happy to be heading home and then back to ERAU, but I’m sad that I have to say good-bye to everyone here.

It has been fun and I’m very appreciative of all that were involved in making my stay enjoyable, work wise and other.

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