August 24

Today I went back to school. My roommate, Cheese, took too long to get ready so we missed the box lunches. I went to the orientation group meeting. We got an overview of what school was going to be about. We had to watch a video and got a “tour.” Our leader took us to the flight line, talked about Propellers, and took us to the Student Center.

I also went to the College of Aviation where I met some of the professors. Actually one of the meteorology professors thought I was a parent. It was a definitely awkward way to start a conversation, but he was nice and so were the rest of the faculty. I did talk to two Safety Science professors. There were so many professors I lost track of which ones were in Safety Science. I am definitely excited to start taking Safety Science courses.

I also went back to campus and met up with Vick and his friends. There are too many to list. We went to see Better Grades in Less Time with Gary Tuerak. He was trying to teach us how to speed read. It was a lot longer than expected. We left in the middle of the presentation. We just hung out in the dorms and I went back home a little too late but it was worth it.

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