August 23

We finally made it to Daytona Beach, FL on Wed morning (4 am). Thank God. I dropped him off at his place and I went to my apartment. I was so aggravated that I couldn’t sleep. I started unloading my car at 6:30 and I was hoping I was in the right apartment. Vick called me in the morning to tell me that I needed to be at school at 8 am to go through the check-in process.

I went to school and met Vick and Luis. I checked in, got my orientation packet, and got my id picture taken. You need a state id so they know who you are. Also I saw other people I recognized. I said hi to Guillermo, Amanda, and Anita.

I finally met my roommates later on that day. I live off campus in a 3 bedroom apartment with Amy and David (Cheese). I also met them through the ERAU discussion board. We found out we didn’t get onto campus in July so the quest for finding an apartment began. After many obstacles we finally got our hands on one on the 21st of August. Actually none of us saw the apartment until we got here. Amy is from the Twin Cities, MN and Cheese is from Lancaster, PA. They are both nice.

We all went back to school and I tried to finish doing the rest of my school errands. I dropped off my medical sheet and I tried to buy a parking pass. If you want a parking pass, you need insurance and your car registration. I unfortunately have lost mine after moving around so much. I thought I had it in the car but my old one was there. When I switched the registration card, I must have taken out the wrong one. I have requested a copy of my registration card and hopefully I get it soon. I got a temporary commuter pass.

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