October 2

After going to bed late on Sunday night and waking up early to catch my flight back to Orlando, I rush back to Daytona Beach to make sure I arrive to my Introduction to Psychology class on time. After my Psychology class, I have a test to make up in my business management class. I asked the professor if I can grab something to drink because I hadn’t eaten anything yet. I just grab a drink because the rest of the snack machines require you to have money in your Eagle Card. I haven’t put money on it, but as soon as I get some, I am going to put at least $100 on it. I took my test and she graded it on the spot. I did really well on it.

Also I became an official pledge of Alpha Xi Delta. I went to their meeting and they had someone from one of the other fraternities speak about Up Until Dawn. They do fundraisers to help children with cancer. One of the guys started showing a video about a little boy with brain tumor and I just started crying. I had to leave the room. Normally I don’t act like that but my test is coming up. Many of my family members on my mom’s side have cancer. My uncle and my grandpa both died from cancer. Two of my uncles and my aunt are currently fighting their cancer battles. I am scared to receive bad news when I do take the test.

Vicki is definitely being supportive. She said she was willing to go with me or have some of the other sisters come with me to take the test. I will have to wait and see how I am feeling that day.

I am pretty much crushed for the rest of the night and I have a huge meteorology test tomorrow. I have read all the chapters but the study guide questions seem pretty hard. I guess I’ll wake up early to study for it.

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