October 5

I finally got my parking pass. Woohoo!!! They were nice enough to give me one. My registration card is still in process but I finally had proof that I had one. The girls that were helping me were actually really nice.

Also I got a card from Vicki. I was surprised to receive mail. It was so nice of her to send me a card. She has been very helpful in trying to make sure I am calm and not freaking out about my tests. It is very hard for me to be going through this by myself. I am in a place where I don’t know anyone and everything is new to me. I don’t have close friends yet that I talk to every day. (Hence, the reason why I highly encourage people to live on campus.) Her letter made my day because even though I may not know her well, she is willing to help me out in any way she can. I find strength in people’s willingness to help me.

I am finally free!!! I actually don’t have anything due tomorrow. My next test is on Wednesday. I am happy to know that I can breathe and take some time to relax. I went to the Alpha Phi Omega meeting and then went to Uno’s and hung out with the APO brothers for a bit. We played Trivia games and ate food. They have half priced appetizers at night. It is good that I finally get to talk to someone other than myself.

I hope everyone has a great night.

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