October 6 – October 8

On Friday, Dave (Cheese) and I just watched the movie Munich. I wanted to catch up on sleep and unpack for a bit but what can I do, I am a slacker.

On Saturday, we left to Vero Beach to hang out with some of my friends who live there. I hadn’t seen them since May. Mikey and Rachael took us to Captain Hiram’s which is a restaurant and a Sand Bar.

We then went back to their house and watched Chappelle’s Show while we waited for the rest of the people to be ready to go to West Palm Beach. While we were waiting we decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory and then we were going to go bar hopping.

West Palm Beach is a different experience from Daytona Beach. Most of the cars we saw were BMWs, Jaguars, Porsches, limos, and classic cars to name a few. It’s a high end area. We walked around while we waited for our table at Cheesecake Factory to be ready. There was a concert in the middle of the area. The town was full of people. After we ate, we proceeded to go to the bars.

The bars were empty. I don’t know where the people were. Apparently, there is usually a cover charge and a dress code but they weren’t enforcing it that night in any of the bars. I am not sure what the age requirement is to get in. We were all over the age of 21. The drinks were very expensive. Advise: If you ever go to West Palm Beach make sure you were nice clothes/ dress to impress (no flip flops or tennis shoes) and bring tons of money if you want to drink and eat.

We left Sunday afternoon. I did some homework and read for my psychology test on Wednesday. I also hung out with some of the sisters and had Cheese Fondue and watched TV.

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