October 9 – October 13

I had a lot of sorority stuff to do this week. I also had a psychology test to study for. One of my professors assigned a last minute homework assignment. I was furious getting it at 10 at night when I have the class at 11 the next day. I wrote him an e-mail and asked him if he can give the homework a little bit earlier. He did give an extension but I could have worked on the homework on Sunday night. My study hours for my psychology test were just cut short because I had to do this homework assignment.

I went to the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) meeting. They have a couple of events, but I don’t think I can go to any of them. Their homecoming theme is Jimmy Buffet(?).

I also went to a Creating Resumes/Cover Letters presentation. I learned a couple of pointers on how to improve my resume. We have a two day career fair coming up during Homecoming week. There is a list of companies coming on the ERAU careers website. I am planning on attending to see what kind of careers I may have with my Safety Science major. Also I would to see if any of them would offer internships for the summer.

On Friday, all my professors gave me a study day. A break is what I have been wanting for the last couple of weeks. I definitely picked up my room and unpacked three huge boxes. Also I did a little bit of homework and researched some of the companies that were on the career website. I also did a DVD work out video which my roommate (Amy) took to her friend’s sleepover. Cheese and I were supposed to go to the Hockey Game but he took too long (he says it was because he thought I was going to take long (they are always blaming the girls), so we just decided to drop by my friend, Adrien’s house who was having people over because her best friend was visiting her.

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