October 14 – October 15

I drove with Adrianna to the annual SAE’s camping trip at Ginnie Springs. I had a great time. I met a couple of new people. We went floating down the river which is something I had always wanted to know and never got a chance to do.

Adrianna had told me that she had gotten a two person tent and she said that I didn’t need to bring a tent. Well when Peter helped us build the tent (actually I think we were useless), the tent was very small. It could barely fit one person. It was a 5×6 Junior Tent. It was funny to see the tent because it was surrounded by huge tents around it. Of course people were making fun of it because of its size.

I ended sleeping in Izzy’s truck because there was no way I could have fit in the tent with her. I am glad I did because it got really cold at night and I wasn’t that prepared.

I would recommend this trip to anyone that comes next year. I met so many people in this trip. Also Big/Lil week is this week which means I start getting presents from my Big tomorrow. I am excited to find out who it is.

Oh yeah if you have e-mailed me I will apologize if I have not responded to you. I am currently trying to find the answers to your questions. Have a great night and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail.

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