October 27 – October 29

Unfortunately I am finally sick. I have a very sore throat. Currently, my voice is gone. I have a presentation to give for the sorority and I have a speech presentation to give. I am thinking of going to the Dr. tomorrow and hopefully she gives me something that will work.

On Friday, I was tired because my roommate, Dave (Cheese) and his friends were being obnoxiously noisy. I was going to say something but of course one of his friends convinced me to go to Denny’s. Even though I wasn’t hungry, I ordered a meal and his friend paid for me. Since I was still mad, I decided to join Amy (my other roommate) and some of the APO brothers at that Teeter Totterthon. Alpha Phi Omega and Tri Sigmas do it as a fundraiser to give money to help children. It was good to see Amy, since we have opposite schedules we don’t get to see each other often. I caught up with her for a bit and caught up with the other APO brothers that were awake at 4 am.

After talking to Cheese, we made a deal to hang out that night. I left the house and got ready for the parade. Our float theme was firefighters. We teamed up with the EMS club. It was fun. We did a dance and threw candy at people. I think we won something, but I am not sure what.

I hung out at the Tailgate Party and they had tons of food. They were giving out corn dogs, chicken kabobs, corn on the cob, and fries. They also had games such as rock climbing and bungee jumping except you jump on a trampoline and do flips.

Afterwards, Isadora and I went to the Basketball game. We, of course, won. The Homecoming King was Izzy. The Homecoming Queen was Kerri. She is a nontraditional student like me. I personally think that’s awesome.

I hung out with my roommate at one of his friend’s place. The next night, we went dancing at Aqua. Vick needs to turn 18 so he can get into the clubs. I was really looking forward to hanging out with him.

Now I have to study for my tests that are coming up. I have Safety Science on Tuesday, Speech presentation on Wednesday, Meteorology on Thurs, and Business Management on Friday. I’ll be in St. Louis on Thurs and Friday for the ASSE conference. (ASSE = American Society of Safety Engineers) I guess I have to make up the tests either on Wed or next week. As of right now, I don’t feel ready for any of the tests. I just want to sleep and hope I feel better.

Hopefully, none of you are getting sick. If you are, get well soon. Have a great two weeks and get lots of candy.

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