October 29, 2006

Last weekend I worked ALL WEEKEND, 23 hours total. It was tiring, but I was grateful to have the hours (since I don’t work that often). The great thing about working long hours is that I get lots of money which means more money to have more fun.

Last weekend was Biketoberfest, too. It was pretty nuts and very loud. It was actually pretty exciting. My roommate and I went down to Main Street where most of the festivities occur, and looked around. And although it smelled like beer and smoke and exhaust, it was kinda cool, I have to admit.

Visited the mall a few times and I like the mall here. It’s big and there’s a lot of stuff to eat (I like to eat, what can I say?). This includes a candy shop. Yummy. However, it’s not good for dress shopping. I was shopping for dresses because I’m going to the military ball next weekend. I’m really excited, I’ve never been to one before, but everyone is telling me that they are a lot of fun. One of my friends from work who is in Navy ROTC invited me. AAAAND that’s enough from my inner personal life.

Classes have been going very well and I got a great grade on my last speech in COM 219, which I’m really happy about. However, I would like to say that the speech class is a little more difficult than I originally thought it was going to be and don’t just assume that because you can talk, or because something was easy for you in high school, that it’s going to be just as easy in college. It’s not like that. There are exceptions, though, and I guess that kind of depends on what kind of classes you take in high school and what kind you decide to take in college.

My friends and I found a really good pizza place, it’s called Giuseppe’s and you can get a 2foot 4inch (in diameter) pizza there. Which we did. And it was good.

OH YEAH Homecoming was this weekend. In high school, homecoming is centered around a football game, and there is a dance where everyone dresses up really nice (girls love an excuse to dress up). Here, homecoming is a little different. First of all, we don’t have a football team, so the game that homecoming built up to was a basketball game. There was a parade, a tailgate party (with free food, by the way), a talent show, and lots of other stuff that escapes me right now. I missed the basketball game because my friends and I decided to go ROLLER SKATING instead. That was kind of a bust and there were tons of obnoxious kids, and I don’t particularly like kids.

So, to conclude, when in Daytona, don’t go roller skating.

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