November 15

Hey Readers,

It has been such a long while, and I apologize, so many things have buried me in Microsoft Word and Excel, I have been tons of places around campus, and I have been working on things for my residents. The upside to this is, you now get to read about all the things that I have done!

I’m going to categorized this and then sort it in chronological order, so you’ll be going back to three weeks ago after you read about something that happened yesterday, so also forgive me for that.

Student Government has been absolutely amazing the past few weeks. Representing the College of Business is a really tough job, but compared to the representatives of the other colleges, I know most of the people I represent and I am beginning to see the effects on them personally. During the week of Homecoming, (October 23-28) big things were happening with the COB. First and foremost, the administration hosted a huge groundbreaking ceremony for the new academic building that will house the College of Business. It will be a two floor complex, having lots of space for the offices of all my professors, who are now spread around what we call alphabet soup, but more officially know as the Lindbergh Academic Complex. It is a bunch of buildings with letters as their names, hence the soup analogy. Anyways, the new building is coming along well; the foundation is pretty much starting to be laid. I will keep you updated, and when there is something to take a picture of, you will be the first to see it.

The College of Business Industry Advisory Board was also around during the week of homecoming, the highlight of which was a panel discussion in which 90 students attended. They offered great insight on where the industry is headed, if companies are hiring and how the growing economy is benefiting the aerospace industry. I also got to spend some time with them at a dinner for them, the staff, COB administration and selected students at Daytona USA. It was an amazing experience, getting to know them and building contacts with all of them.

More recently, along with my partner in crime (fellow COB rep) Evan, we hosted the fall COB social, a lunch for all the students in the COB, to get out and meet the professors, and for business focused clubs to show off. We got about 54 students to show up, a huge accomplishment! Free food drew them out, but the social was so successful and the spring social should be even bigger.

Moving on to my 24/7 position, residence life is going great. I have really gotten to know my residents over the past couple weeks, and we’ve been having fun and getting through this semester. We have been doing lots of things, such as decorating the hall, going to events on campus. Just this past Sunday, I hosted an early Thanksgiving pizza dinner, in which to get a slice of pizza you had to say what you were thankful for. I heard a plethora of responses, from being thankful for Pizza, to being thankful for a fiance, and even thankful for such a great RA. As much I appreciated that, I still have Health and Safety Inspections this week. (Some of my residents read this consider yourself informed).

A really fun thing I did during Homecoming was being a student host for Open House. I hope some of you made it down here for it, because from what I saw and heard, some great information was given out and people were drawn to the school. Of course, I had my speech, and of course I blundered when I left out a crucial word. Please if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to stop me. (Kinda left out the hesitate part) It was really fun though giving tours and answering questions and I got to be on a COB student panel.

Classes are wrapping up and I’m doing really well! I have been really happy about the classes I chose, most especially Corporate Finance. It is such a cool thing to learn how to value stocks and bonds, and what everything on Wall Street actually means. I got a 97 on my most recent test, which surprised me, but a group study session the day before really helped me and everyone in the group. Decision Math, my last ever math class is really cool. It is the reason I have been buried in Excel forever. Figuring multiple linear regressions by hand isn’t really my idea of a good time. Excel handles it for you, but you still have to enter tons of data, and run the programs, and then my very excited professor makes you interpret all the output and formulate tests to see if the things Excel gave you are useful.

Thanksgiving approaches and that means there are lots of things coming up. This weekend, I will be attending my second Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida Student Alliance (ICUF SA) Conference. It is composed of most of the student governments of the private colleges and universities in Florida. It takes place in Orlando, and should be really beneficial for everyone involved. I will get you update in my next entry.

The next thing after that is I will begin announcing the ERAU Hockey Team’s home games. This is a work in process and the first game I do will be after Thanksgiving, so excitement is building for it.

Ok so finish your college apps, and hope to see you all soon. Don’t HESITATE to Email me at, and I will respond to you ASAP.

Aim High,

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