November 14, 2006

Well, last weekend I went to the military ball with a friend of mine. It was an interesting experience and if you ever get the chance to go, I suggest you do it.

This past weekend I went home again. I’m not sure if I’ve already delved a bit into my nostalgia, but here it goes again: One of the best things about going to school far away is how wonderful it is when you go home. Home is always there and it might be changing a little while you are gone, and the people are still living their lives without you there, but it’s there for you. Home doesn’t discriminate- it always welcomes you back, regardless of your grades, or how many friends you’ve made, or the decisions you make at school.

In case you haven’t guessed- I really enjoyed being home. It had been two months, and some people might say “so what – I don’t get to go home until Christmas”, but I don’t know, I like going home as often as I can. Moving away from the sappy stuff.

A lot has happened to my home since I last visited. I live in the sticks (country yeehaw) and the land behind my house is starting to be developed (BOO!!!). My mom did some landscaping, my dad closed down his pool for the season, all the leaves were red and orange and it was nice to see fall, a definite change from Daytona’s eternal summer, my brother grew a beard, and my dog gained some weight. A close friend of mine also gained some weight, but that is due to her pregnancy. I was very glad to see her looking healthy and with a big round belly. Her son is due in December.

I wasn’t ready to leave Virginia this time. When I go home, I sometimes don’t really feel like I’m home because I spend so much time running around, trying to see people that are important to me. So, I didn’t really have much time to relax. Fortunately, I get to go back in a week and a half for the Thanksgiving break, and I’ll get to take my time seeing friends and family and eating as much turkey as I can handle.

Which will be a lot.

School’s being going well. I had a speech and presentation due, which went well, I think. I believe this is the quiet before the storm. Finals are approaching FAST, and I have a feeling I might be more bogged down as they get closer. DUN DUN DUN!!!

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