November 22 – November 26

I drove up to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. I went to meet Mo’s family. Mo has been my friend since I first started college back in 2000. 😛 His mom made tons of food for Thanksgiving. She made turkey, ham, chicken, and goat. I tried goat and ham for the first time in my life. They were pretty good.

We also watched two movies, Borat and Deja Vu. Both of them were entertaining. We also went to the Aquarium. Tickets are expensive and you can only go in at a certain time. Our ticket times were 5:00 pm. We hung out at Centennial Park for 4 hours until we were able to go to the Aquarium. By then, we were frustrated and tired. I think if we would have known or made better plans our day would have been better. Next time when I go back to Atlanta, I am going to plan out my day so I know what is going on around the city.

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