January 17, 2007


Riddle survived the tornado.

Looking around campus, I can barely tell that anything happened at all. The grounds are completely clean – the clean-up crews have done a truly remarkable job, and I feel like it’s important to acknowledge all that they have accomplished in these very few weeks. All of the buildings that were damaged have been patched up and people relocated, and classes are going on as scheduled.

My break went well. Quite well. I had a good, long visit at home which didn’t involve too much rushing around. I spent some quality time with my best friend, and with my boyfriend, who accompanied me to visit my extended family in Pennsylvania, and of course I spent lots of time with my family.

And got presents. And gave presents.

Anyway, the return to Riddle was stress-free. I was worried things might be a little mixed up with the tornado damage, re-located offices and such things. But they weren’t. A few of my hallmates arranged rides from the airports (thanks).

TIP: ALWAYS arrange rides and get details straight BEFORE your trips. It just makes things easier. Be sure to have everyone’s phone numbers, too, because you will want to arrange rides and talk to your friends over winter break. Especially if they are as great as Wood 5 friends.

So we were all back in Wood 5 soon enough. A bunch of us watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and did that whole hallway-bonding thing.

First day of classes, for me, was great. I had one class in the morning, and then NOTHING all day, because my professor had cancelled my afternoon class. So what did I do? I spent six hours at the beach. I love Daytona. I brought my roomie with me, and drove her back to Riddle for her afternoon class, then picked up Steve, Boris, and Matt and took them back to the beach with me, since they were done with classes. It was a good day. We tried to watch a movie last night, but we were all too tired to stay awake.

Today (second day of classes) went just as well. I thought that four classes in a row would be really difficult, but since they only last an hour each, they actually aren’t bad. So when you are scheduling classes and are worried about having a lot in one day, keep in mind that the length of these classes is much shorter than what you are probably used to. In high school, my classes were always about an hour and 45 minutes. And that’s not cool at all.

That’s all that’s going on today. Next time, for those who are interested in the Air Traffic major, I’ll be posting some details about my first AT class. Hopefully that should prove interesting. And if not, I’ll…I don’t know. Maybe I’ll write a poem about Riddle. Let me know what you think about that.


– Cat

PS- Andrea T., I can’t respond to your email! Please send me a different address, the one you sent your email from isn’t working.

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