January 27

Today we had a social with the Pikes (Pike Kappa Alpha). We went Go Karting at a place on Nova Rd. We got bracelets where we can ride for an unlimited amount of time for an hour. I managed to ride about 6 times. I love Go Karting. I know that cars don’t go that fast, but it’s still fun.

The Rolex 24 started at noon. I heard it was a lot of fun. I missed it. I was told it was free from midnight to 5 am but apparently they were still charging people to get in and since I didn’t want to spend money to go in for about an hour, we just went back and I hung out in Vick’s room.

I spent my night hanging out with Angelica and Hilda at Aqua. It had been awhile since I had been to a regular club. The boys I came with left for Zeba’s and I refused to go back there. I am glad all the girls stayed behind. I actually met a couple of interesting people that night. We ended up in the VIP lounge hanging out with awesome people. Apparently, they also were students at Embry-Riddle. It’s nice to have the opportunity to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to get to know.

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