January 30

Well, hello again to all my fans out there!..I love you all!
*applause for my entrance*…
Ok ok, fine!..I’m not a celebrity..yet!

Alrighty, so Riddle life is back on track with respect to classes and stuff. Let me tell you guys a bit about my class schedule: M.W.F:Flight 8am-12pm, Basic Aeronautics 133 1pm-2pm, Info. Tech. 109 4:45pm-6pm T.TH: Speech 219 11:15am-12:30pm, Financial Accounting 2:15pm-3:30pm, Physics 104 3:45pm-5pm. So, if you ever need to stalk me, you now know my schedule..haha!

I worked out my class schedule to fit around the professors I wanted, so I am very contented! Some of my good friends are in the same classes with me and I’ve also met some really nice new people. I am expecting this semester to be very interesting and even better than last! Oh, and I’d also like to acknowledge my new, incredibly awesome flight instructor, Patrick Tuttle!!! I could never ask for someone who is as cool and skilled as him! YAY!

Ok, so hmm let’s see…the last two weeks here at Riddle were more intense in many aspects; mostly socially and academically. Classes have become slightly more challenging and in depth. However, I don’t mind that too much since I am confident that the professors that I selected this semester would allow me to do well. Simultaneously, social life around here has become way better and way worse in many different ways. To be more specific, there are a lot more people in my life and a lot more things to do such as parties, clubs. However, there is a lot more drama and issues between friends. Of course this is college, so obviously there will be problems arising between friends and acquaintances. So, a little bit of advice and warning to those of you who are coming here..expect drama with people here but learn how to deal with it well!

Ok, so enough about that…let’s get into more fun stuff! Like YAY my parents came to visit me last week! They flew up from Trinidad last week Saturday to visit some family in Melbourne (about 1 hour south of Daytona Beach), so I was also in Melbourne over last weekend. I visited some friends in Florida Tech while I was there, and we all hung out over there. On Monday, my parents and I headed up to Daytona Beach until Wednesday when they had left for Miami. The best part of their visit was Wednesday morning when my mom went flying with me that morning! Well, let’s just say she’s scared already to get into a car with me; imagine how she was when she had to go in a Cessna 172 with me flying! Haha! Thank god my flight instructor was there..hehe.

Overall, these past 2 weeks had huge ups and downs but with the help of my close friends, we all managed to handle it and at the same time, have tons of fun!

Oh, one word of advice to all those new students coming in the fall- be sure to have all your documents such as high school transcripts, SAT scores, recommendation letters and financial sent to admissions soon if you haven’t gotten around that yet. We don’t want you guys to be missing out on the excitement of finding out that you have been accepted into the best aviation college in the U.S.

Take care everyone and keep safe!

Once again, thank you for choosing Vick Airways! We enjoyed your company and we hope that you will fly with us soon again in 2 weeks for another great flight into Daytona Beach! Please keep your seatbelts fastened until the aircraft has come to a complete stop at the gate, then you may disembark the aircraft.

Have a wonderful day!


Quote of the week: “I’m so bored! LET ME GO!” –random guy says to ATC on 3rd place for take off on runway 16 in DAB.


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