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April 23

*sniffles* So, you may be wondering why I’m holding back from tears. As you guys may know, this is my LAST journal submission to you guys. So, this is the last time you will all read about my life on Embry-Riddle’s website. If you are on Facebook, however, then you can follow up on the rest of my college life by adding me!

Okay, so this is a REALLY sad time of my life here in college when the semester is almost over, classes start wrapping up, exams are almost here and we must all say our goodbyes at the end of it all. But before I get into all the mushy stuff, let me tell you about the past 2 weeks here at Riddle. Classes have already been ending and some of them have not completed the course yet. I am officially done with 3 out of my 5 classes and have not begun studying for the finals yet! I don’t plan on starting till an hour before the test, just kidding! I must say, I had a lot of fun with all my professors; the good and the bad ones. Speech class was amazing where I gave a total of 4 speeches that were all great, Physics was a breeze since I already knew most of the material from high school, Basic Aeronautics 2 was fantastic- I had the best professor EVER!!! Accounting class was very informative to say the least. Information Technology was very fun and interesting; I really learned a lot in that class! Overall, this semester’s school work was very strenuous but I value every little bit of knowledge I have gained!

Alright, onto the fun part! So, like I said, the end of the semester is here, so a couple friends and I decided that we should do something together before we start finals. So, this past weekend, 3 of my closest friends and I drove down to Miami! One of them lived there, so we got around easily-thank God! Alright, so we left Saturday morning and got into Miami in the afternoon and went straight to the malls to do some SHOPPING! Yes, who doesn’t love to shop?! Anyway, so we got some cool stuff. And then, after that we decided to go plane spotting at Miami International Airport! I’ve never actually gone plane spotting before, so that was like the highlight of my impromptu trip. That night, my parents were in Miami on business, so we met up with them and then headed over to our friend Guillermo’s house for dinner- you know, the one who lives there. They’re Dominican, so we had authentic Dominican food that was ‘muy sabroso’..? haha, I have to work on my Spanish. After, we went to the hotel room that my parents got for us that night at the Courtyard Marriott and not too long after being restless in the room, we headed out to downtown Miami! WOO HOO! That was CrAzY!!! So busy and full of people just ‘partying it up’! Came back to the room around 3am and hit the bed.

The next day, my parents took us out to dinner at P.F. Chang’s restaurant and right after, we left them and headed back to the airport for even MORE plane spotting! YAY. We ended up getting back into Daytona Beach around 12:30am Monday morning. Now, that was one of the most fun weekends I have ever had here at Riddle; and it wasn’t even in Daytona! Haha.

So, now comes the part where I must bid all of you goodbye. It has been such a wonderful pleasure and experience to write to all of you guys and share my life here at Embry-Riddle with you. I do hope that you enjoyed reading all my submissions and that you will share some of the good and bad experiences that I had here at college because without the bad, how would we know what’s good? Do not hesitate to contact me at all with any questions or comments that you may have; even if you just wanna talk more, just add me on facebook (search for my name), my aim is ‘xtriniboix’ and email is pundib07@erau.edu. It has been an honor and a privilege to write to you guys and I’d like to thank the one who made it all possible, Jill Meredith who works in admissions. I love you Jill! Thanks to all of you out there who have contacted me and now have became my friends. Thanks to my friends for making my freshman year in college an unforgettable experience. Thanks to my parents for supporting me and loving me unconditionally. Thanks! Thanks to everyone who has made a difference not only to my life, but to the world! All the best in getting to Riddle, pre-freshmen! Can’t wait to meet a few of you!

Take care, and once again, thank you for choosing Vick Airways!

Have a good one!

Your (Preferred) Student Journal Writer,

Quote of the week: Life is too short to live the same day twice!


April 11



OK, so I’m really happy these days because school couldn’t be better! VERY little homework, flight’s going great, friends are getting closer, more going out, doing a lot of exciting new things! WOW! Ok, so maybe that doesn’t sound like school at all, but hey, it is what you make of it…and I’ve been making it a hell of a lot of fun! Haha

Ok, so BIG news! I SOLOED! For those of you who don’t know what that means, my instructor deemed me capable of taking the Cessna 172 up in the air, do a few landings and take-offs by myself! YAY!!! So, I knew the day was coming up soon, but it was sprung up on me one day when we took off; and sadly I was wearing one of my favorite shirts that morning; reason I said that was because after your solo, the shirt you flew in is normally cut up and written up all over it to celebrate and remember your first time in the plane by yourself. Ok, so it was early morning on April 4th, beautiful day out in Daytona Beach. So, I decided to go over to New Smyrna Beach Airport to practice landings and traffic patterns that day. Well, my instructor and I headed over there and he did 3 landings with me then we taxied over to the tower where he told me I was going to solo! Shortly after, he de-planed the aircraft and I was there, sitting in the plane, and the first thing that came to mind was: “OH MY GOD…I can’t believe I’m about to do this!” Alright, so obviously I was nervous as hell, but I realized being nervous was not going to keep me safe in that airplane. So, I simply focused on what needed to be done, did all my checklists, everything went fine. Then, I took off from runway 29, did my traffic patterns just fine, landed perfectly, taxied over to the runway and took off again. I did 3 take-offs and 3 landings that were the best I think I ever did! I swear, I wish I took pics to put here for ya’ll, but you just have to believe me for now. Haha!

Congratulations to ME!

Alright, so the next big thing I wanted to tell ya’ll was that I went SKYDIVING! YES! A few friends and I wanted to do it sometime, but we never set a date to do it. So, last week Thursday, we decided to go the next day (Friday). So, we drove over to Deland airport around 2pm after our classes on Friday. Yes, I was nervous; more nervous that doing my solo, but hey I didn’t pay 200 dollars to stay on the ground. So, my friend Blanca (another student journal writer) and I boarded the plane, climbed to 13,500 feet where we leveled off shortly, then jumped off and free-fell for around 1.5 minutes directly over Deland airport. After that, the parachute deployed and we glided for about 4 minutes down onto the airport. Well, I must say, that was the most MINDBLOWING experience I have ever had in my life! Simply AmAzInG! WOW! If I get my pictures anytime soon, I will post them up in the next journal, I promise!

Ugh, ok so let’s get back to boring school. Boo. Lately, my professors don’t give us a lot of homework and projects so, YAY me! Also, registration for classes is coming up soon for freshmen, so once again we will over-ride and shut-down the system like we did last semester.

So, that’s all about my exciting life within the last couple days. I also would like to thank all of you out there who contacted me with questions and stuff. Thanks! All the best to you with applying to Riddle.

Have a safe 2 weeks!


Quote of the week: “high school called; it wants its drama back!”

March 27

Well, hello there!

So once again I am here to grace the world’s presence with my words of wisdom. Ok, ok so I’m not a guru or anything, but hey who said a Riddle student isn’t smart?!

So, the last two weeks have been nothing but wonderful! I mean, I didn’t have much work at school to do for the first week, then the second was spring break! YAY

Ok, so I had my financial accounting test on the Thursday before spring break and well, that sucked! I mean, not only did I have to study while my mind was perfectly set up in vacation mode, but the test was hard as a b*tch! UGH! Sorry for the language, but oh my god, I bet if you had to do that exam, you would have said the same thing! I made an 80 (B), the highest grade was like 98 and then the second highest was like 83; class average was 75- ok, so that’s a ‘C’ (pass) but the professor had no consideration for how bad his class average was and blamed us all for not studying hard enough. Whatever, the rest of my classes are fine with A’s, so I’m not that bothered by it. The next big problem I have to face is a huge debate on abortion for speech class that I have to plan out for Tuesday.

Anyway, enough about school; let’s talk about spring break 2007!!! What did you do???

Well, before you brag about yours, let me brag first! Haha.

Ok, so on March 17th, at 1pm, I departed Daytona Beach for Atlanta, GA on Delta Airlines, then connected onto Delta’s flight to good ole Trinidad and Tobago! Yes, yes I went home for a week, and it was awesome! I landed at 8pm that night in Trinidad and some friends and family and I boarded the first flight to Tobago the next morning at 7am. OH MY GOD- GORGEOUS! Here’s a picture for ya’ll to see!

Well, those 2 days in Tobago were amazing! I did sooo many things in less than 48 hours than I did at any time here in Daytona Beach during the same amount of time or maybe I did, oh well, whatever! Hehe

So, I ate as much Trinidadian food as possible- curried crab, fried bake and fried shark, macaroni pie, Indian delicacies, and so much more! And I am aware that you may not know what some of the foods are, but you only must try to love it! haha.

The remaining 5 days were spent in Trinidad with my family and friends at the malls, movies, dinner, parties here and there, loved it!

Sunday morning the 25th, I boarded Delta Airlines 8am flight to ATL again then connected onto the 4:30pm flight to DAB which got delayed until 6:30pm! Well, by the time I got back into my room in Adams hall that night, I was beat and I my stomach was not cooperating well with the rest of my body! So, I dropped my suitcase, climbed into my lofted bed and passed out! Thank god I didn’t have to fly the next morning!

Speaking of flight, my solo was supposed to be the Friday before spring break, but that morning, the weather was terrible, so it didn’t happen!

And like I said, I got ill with my stomach that Sunday so that’s also why I didn’t fly that Monday (yesterday) morning. It had gotten so bad that I ended up in the hospital last night around midnight. Imagine a pain like a few knifes stabbing up your stomach; yeah, that’s how it felt. I apologize for the graphical description, but it’s the best way to describe it. But I feel a little better now! So, hopefully I should be flying on Friday morning!

So, that’s my two weeks in a couple words.

Hope you guys have been safe and good and haven’t gotten into a lot of trouble lately!

Have a wonderful upcoming two weeks! See ya then!

We are aware that you have a choice when it comes to flying, so thank you for once again choosing Vick-Airways! Have a wonderful stay wherever you may be!

Quote of the week: “life happens while you’re busy making plans”

March 13

Hey readers!!!!..Hope all of you out there are doing well. I sure am! The reason is because I am OH so close to doing my solo!!!!!! It should be on this Friday the 17th, so wish me luck!!!!

Remember I had to change instructors? Well, it turns out that my new instructor is not that bad! He’s a really cool, kicked-back and fun guy, so YAY!

Ok, so..school!

How has school been going for me? Well, let’s just say the work never stops; but it has significantly reduced within the last week, so I’m pretty happy about that because I’ve been finding more time to go hang out with my friends. I’m also pretty satisfied with my grades in all my classes, because I’m pulling nothing lower than a B! YAY haha

So, I had to do a speech for my speech class the other day and I did it on airliner fleets. I got two words to describe the audience’s reaction: LOVED IT! Also, I had my Info Tech test today – now, THAT was LONG and TIRING! WHEW!..but I am SO glad it’s over with and I should be expecting an A in it! YAY!

Ok, so this weekend MARDI GRAS AT UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!!! YES! So, my friend Matt walked into my room while I was sleeping around..eh, 1pm (yes, I’m a late sleeper after partying on Friday night, don’t laugh; you know you do the same!). Anyway, he picked me off my LOFTED bed and made me get ready to go to Universal Studios. Well, I thought it was just me and him, but little did I know when I got outside, it was like 2 cars filled up with my friends, so of course I was like YAAAY! We ended up getting into Orlando around 3pm and stayed there until 10pm. SO much fun! We did the rides, then watched the parade and got a lot of beads! Music, people, everything was exciting; the atmosphere so active and fun! After the parade finished, we went out into ‘Citywalk’- which is like a little boulevard connecting Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure that’s filled with clubs, restaurants, and so much more! I would love to go back on the 24th of March to see Sean Paul perform live, but that brings me to the topic of SPRING BREAK!

In less than a week (Saturday), I will be boarding and MD-88 from Daytona Beach to Atlanta, then connecting onto a B738 to Port of Spain, Trinidad then as soon as I get there at 8:05pm I have to board the 9pm commuter express from Trinidad to our sister tourist island of Tobago- where I will be basking in the beautiful Caribbean sun on the beach. CANNOT wait..Be jealous! Haha just kidding!

Anyway..so, I’m about to go deal with my roommate because he’s being a little skeez to me these days. Haha, just kidding. I love him with all my life; best guy I could ever have to be my roomie! Love ya lots, Jeremy!

Stay good, ya’ll..don’t do anything I wouldn’t do..out of the club haha!

Fly high!


February 28

Hey hey hey, readers!!!!

WOW, well, those last 2 weeks have gone be SO quickly, I didn’t even realize it! Well, it’s been a fun 2 weeks; much better than before!

Ok, so first thing, I am now medically ungrounded!!! Which means, I am flying once again! YAY! But like the ying-yang sign, there is always some bad in good things. Mine is that even though I resumed flying, my flight instructor may be leaving soon! I really don’t want him to leave because he has to be one of the greatest and most genuine guys I have ever met! I definitely will miss him, but all the best to who I believe is the best flight instructor EVER and in turn, one of my good friends..Patrick Tuttle!

PROJECTS, TESTS, DEADLINES!!! Most of which have been overcome! YES! WOO HOO! I am now finding some time to relax a little bit! Thank god! But I am sure things will be picking up soon (if not, then I’m not in college..hehe).

So, because a lot of pressure is off my back and I can see the light after all that work, I decided to kinda pamper myself this past weekend. So, my friend Matt S., (who I absolutely love and respect), and I went to the mall and did a little shopping. Then, we both went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants that has the BEST desert to me in Daytona Beach – Adobe Gilas!!! So, I had a very fun and fulfilling Saturday afternoon with my good buddy Matt. So, here’s to Matt, thanks a lot for taking that afternoon off and taking me out for a great time!

Well, on a more productive note, I have been contemplating returning to Embry Riddle for summer B term and knock some classes out of the way a bit early before the harsh workload comes on and log some flight hours! I mean, I don’t know if I would be doing it yet, but I believe that it’ll be a good thing for me to do. And plus, I think 4 months is wayyy too long to me to stay away from Riddle over the summer! Haha, I will miss this place like crazy!

On the topic of vacation, what do you guys out there have planned for spring break 2007? Well, I will be heading home back to Trinidad and Tobago for that week and probably bask in the tropical Caribbean sun while sipping on a margarita (since the drinking age down there is 18..haha) on the beachside! Ok, I didn’t mean to rub it into your face if you’re stuck up north, but hey, I’ll tell ya, if you can come down to Daytona Beach for your spring break, then I would suggest you do it! This place is sooo beautiful and exciting! You can be doing the same thing I would be doing on the beach..well, except for sipping on a margarita! Haha. Oh, and you’d also get an opportunity to visit the campus if you have an extra weekday or two to spare. I would love to stay here, but it’s time to be back home with my friends and family.

Well, I think that’s all I gotta say about my past 2 weeks. Hope ya’ll enjoyed it! I’m sure when you guys get here, you would have lots of fun too.

All the best to each and every one of you out there!

Quote of the Week: “don’t settle for the one you can live with…wait for the one you cant live without” -Me..

Bye world!

February 16

WHEW!!!!!!!…well, I have NEVER been SO flustered and busy with school in my LIFE! That’s the reason why this journal submission is pretty late, and I sincerely apologize to all! Don’t think I forgot about you guys!

Anyway, HELLO WORLD! Hope all is well out there!

I am here once again to grace you with words of mine that tells about the last 2 weeks of my life here at Embry Riddle. Well, as you all may have seen at the beginning of this journal, school is getting to be a real pain in the ***! Haha..

And I’m not just referring to simply academics; this includes clubs, activities, meetings, classes, homework, projects, etc.

I simply have not been finding any time for myself lately, however, I deal with it. I keep reminding myself that college is not meant to always allow free time to relax and have fun.

Within the last 2 weeks, I have been given at least 7 big projects for classes all due within a week of each other, piles of papers to write, endless meetings and interviews with clubs and activities on campus and to top it all off, I got a job! YES, readers, Vick got an on-campus job. However, I prefer not to say what it is (because the Riddle Flight Line mafia might come get me!…haha).

The reason everyone is so busy these days is because campus life is extremely active! And also because the workload from classes is increasing very rapidly!

But as a Riddle student, we all learn how to handle the stress put on us because we are the eagles, we fly HIGH!

Ok, ok I have a lot of school pride! So what?! I LOVE this place! As busy and stressed out as I am, I will never get to hate anything about this place! Except for the noise coming from the construction of the school’s new residence hall and fitness facility, but even that is a positive because when it’s done, I’m gonna be so happy—that I will be able to use the swimming pool here! Yeah, they closed off the pool for these 2 semesters since the new fitness center is being built right next to it. But don’t worry, it will be re-opened this fall 07 semester!

Anyway, moving on to a more interesting topic that unfortunately does not please me too much.

So, on the 1st of February, I got ill with some stomach problems and had to medically ground myself from flight so I would not be able to fly while sick. Yeah, that was fine, lasted around 5 days and then literally a few hours after I got over that, I came down with the cold! So, I was still very weak and ill so I couldn’t fly! To my bad luck, that lasted for about a week in which I was still medically grounded. So, after feeling considerably better, I went to un-ground myself and the nurse told me that she couldn’t un-ground me because she believed that I was still too congested to go fly. So, to this day, I am still medically grounded and that sets me back from soloing and in turn, would probably set me back a little from getting my private pilot license too.

Well, that has been a small portion of my life here at Riddle. Hope you all enjoyed reading and once again, don’t hesitate to contact to me for anything!

Take care, out there and I wish you all a less stressful February than mine!

All the best,


Quote of the week: “Don’t frown because you never know who is falling in love with your smile!”

-One friend to another on Valentines Day

January 30

Well, hello again to all my fans out there!..I love you all!
*applause for my entrance*…
Ok ok, fine!..I’m not a celebrity..yet!

Alrighty, so Riddle life is back on track with respect to classes and stuff. Let me tell you guys a bit about my class schedule: M.W.F:Flight 8am-12pm, Basic Aeronautics 133 1pm-2pm, Info. Tech. 109 4:45pm-6pm T.TH: Speech 219 11:15am-12:30pm, Financial Accounting 2:15pm-3:30pm, Physics 104 3:45pm-5pm. So, if you ever need to stalk me, you now know my schedule..haha!

I worked out my class schedule to fit around the professors I wanted, so I am very contented! Some of my good friends are in the same classes with me and I’ve also met some really nice new people. I am expecting this semester to be very interesting and even better than last! Oh, and I’d also like to acknowledge my new, incredibly awesome flight instructor, Patrick Tuttle!!! I could never ask for someone who is as cool and skilled as him! YAY!

Ok, so hmm let’s see…the last two weeks here at Riddle were more intense in many aspects; mostly socially and academically. Classes have become slightly more challenging and in depth. However, I don’t mind that too much since I am confident that the professors that I selected this semester would allow me to do well. Simultaneously, social life around here has become way better and way worse in many different ways. To be more specific, there are a lot more people in my life and a lot more things to do such as parties, clubs. However, there is a lot more drama and issues between friends. Of course this is college, so obviously there will be problems arising between friends and acquaintances. So, a little bit of advice and warning to those of you who are coming here..expect drama with people here but learn how to deal with it well!

Ok, so enough about that…let’s get into more fun stuff! Like YAY my parents came to visit me last week! They flew up from Trinidad last week Saturday to visit some family in Melbourne (about 1 hour south of Daytona Beach), so I was also in Melbourne over last weekend. I visited some friends in Florida Tech while I was there, and we all hung out over there. On Monday, my parents and I headed up to Daytona Beach until Wednesday when they had left for Miami. The best part of their visit was Wednesday morning when my mom went flying with me that morning! Well, let’s just say she’s scared already to get into a car with me; imagine how she was when she had to go in a Cessna 172 with me flying! Haha! Thank god my flight instructor was there..hehe.

Overall, these past 2 weeks had huge ups and downs but with the help of my close friends, we all managed to handle it and at the same time, have tons of fun!

Oh, one word of advice to all those new students coming in the fall- be sure to have all your documents such as high school transcripts, SAT scores, recommendation letters and financial sent to admissions soon if you haven’t gotten around that yet. We don’t want you guys to be missing out on the excitement of finding out that you have been accepted into the best aviation college in the U.S.

Take care everyone and keep safe!

Once again, thank you for choosing Vick Airways! We enjoyed your company and we hope that you will fly with us soon again in 2 weeks for another great flight into Daytona Beach! Please keep your seatbelts fastened until the aircraft has come to a complete stop at the gate, then you may disembark the aircraft.

Have a wonderful day!


Quote of the week: “I’m so bored! LET ME GO!” –random guy says to ATC on 3rd place for take off on runway 16 in DAB.


January 16

Happy New Year 2007 Readers!!!…

I do hope every one of you out there had a wonderful Christmas break and Santa brought you everything you asked for! haha..

Well, I am here to update you on my life within the last few weeks. Overall it was very fun but had it’s saddening moments..like that one which I am sure all of you have heard about the tornado that passed through Embry Riddle’s Daytona Beach campus.

On Christmas day around 2pm, I got a call from one of my friends here in Port Orange and she said that there was a tornado in Daytona Beach. At first I didn’t want to believe her until I got home when I saw the pictures she sent me and all the notices on the university’s website. Well, that totally saddened my holidays back home in Trinidad. I felt useless because I couldn’t have flown up to Daytona Beach immediately to assist in the clean up and whatever. But, as time passed by, the school kept us actively updated with damages and repairs. The recovery process has been tremendous, simply fantastic! I had returned to school on the 7th to see the campus all cleaned up and new airplanes already lined up on the ramp ready to go! The best thing about it to me was that none of the residence halls were even touched and no one was on campus so there were NO injuries! YAY

We were all pretty excited and relieved to know that we can now resume classes as usual without many changes, except for Spruance Hall which is going to be torn down sometime since the tornado passed directly through that building and left no hope for repair. Oh well, it will be missed.

Ok, so moving on, when I arrived in Daytona Beach! Well, some of my friends and I got in a bit early before classes started, so we decided to go out and have some fun before the dreadful full day classes start! Haha Most of the residents on my floor (Adams 5th floor north) were already back, so we all decided to head to Universal Studios in Orlando on Tuesday (again!..yes, I know we go often!) Always a fun time with them!

Then on Friday and Saturday night we went clubbing in Daytona!!! Yeah, that was awesome! For all of you who are coming here soon, I am sure you will all have great time if you are into the club scene!

Well, the fun time is almost over. Classes officially begin tomorrow and to be honest, I can’t wait to start! Haha..may sound stupid, but hey I get to share classes with some of good friends and also meet new people!

I guess we’ll see how things go. Be patient, you’ll find out in 2 weeks..haha

Until then, I bid you all adieu!

See you in two weeks!

Oh, and thanks for all of you who have contacted me with your questions and stuff!..and all those of you who haven’t don’t hesitate ..it’s my job to help you!

BYE Folks!


Hi readers!!!

.. Well, as you all may realize, this is my final journal submission for this semester until next semester in January.

Classes are over, most of everyone’s final exams are over, everyone’s in the Christmas spirit packing up to head back home. I must say, watching everyone leave was very saddening. For some reason, I will miss this place terribly for the short 3 weeks I will be gone…but first, let me talk about the end of classes and final exams; and there’s a little surprise about me at the end of this journal.

All classes were completed on December 7th and finals were to begin on the 9th. I must say, I was very sad that some of my classes were over because they were so much fun and I will miss seeing all my friends that I have made more often than I used to; but some other classes, I am extremely elated that I don’t have to go to anymore! But overall, they were all good classes.

Ok, now let’s talk about finals. All of mine are done (YES!) but they weren’t that difficult, which was surprising considering I didn’t do much of this material before. I managed to pull all A’s and B’s and NO C’s! YAY!

But one thing is for sure, I studied really hard to get the grades, and the occasional distraction by going downstairs to grab a sandwich, friends spontaneously taking me out, get-togethers at my friends’ houses. All this put together had officially made me nocturnal; I no longer slept at night and I slept most of the day, woke up to go do my exam, then back to sleep for the rest of the day, then study and stuff all night again. It threw me off my regular scheduled life here at Riddle, but most of the upperclassmen said that that happens only at finals period, so I should be back on track soon….hopefully! haha.

So now you know what to expect when you have to do final exams here! But don’t worry, it’s not only you- the rest of the school does it too. I am anxiously anticipating next semester because since I now am familiar with most of how this place works, I will be more settled in and I have new people and activities to look forward to.

For instance, my roommate is moving out (*sad face*) because he found a cheaper place off campus, so I will be getting a new roommate..exciting! But I will miss my roommate a lot when he leaves. Also, the spring term freshmen will be coming in and I know a few that I get to meet for the first time, so that’s something to look forward to as well. Oh, and I managed to get all my classes that I wanted next semester. So, I am excited to return here in January.

Well, some of my friends have already started to leave Daytona Beach destined for home in different directions. It may seem silly to be sad about them leaving just for 3 weeks, but I will miss all of them for the Christmas holidays. But all of them will be in my heart and thoughts throughout the season. We all exchanged Christmas cards and bid each other adieu (goodbye) until next semester. I had a blast with all of you guys this semester and I love each and every one of you guys!

Anyway, moving on to the end of this one. Well, I had a lot of fun sharing my life with all of you around the world this semester and I can’t wait to continue next semester. I bet all of you just can’t wait to know how my holidays were (haha). Also, thanks to all of you out there who contacted me. I will see you soon!

So, I wish all of you out there a WONDERFUL Christmas 2006 and New Year 2007 and thanks for reading! God’s blessings to you and your family and friends! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Goodbye!..hope you all get what you wished for this season!

OH wait, my surprise…ok, so it’s not that big to you guys, but it is to me.. I changed my major from Aeronautical Science to Aviation Business Administration! YAY!

Ok, I’m really gonna leave now (hehe)

November 28

18 days!!!..Less than 3 weeks before this semester is over and I head back to Trinidad for Christmas break.

Hi readers! Well, this journal entry is probably one of the interesting one you all may read since these past two weeks have been extremely stressful and exciting not just for me, but for most people here in Riddle. The reasons being that class registration took place on November 17th, Thanksgiving break was this past week and, of course, “Black Friday” shopping which I did not miss for the world!

Ok, so..let’s move in chronological order of events..starting off with class registration.

Well, as freshmen, we are granted the ‘exclusive privilege’ of being able to register for our classes after everyone else in the school has. Meaning, we register on the last day for registration-which was November 17th. So, let me explain the process- we are supposed to log onto blackboard online, select our classes in the registration portal and click submit at midnight since that’s when the portal opens up for us to register. Now, consider this- there are over 1200 freshmen attempting to register for probably the same classes as you, at the same time as you are too. This means it takes forever for your request to go through and everything slows down. So, all my hall mates were up waiting until around 1:30am when we found out that the registration system had crashed and wouldn’t be up till 5am. So, I figured since I had a business test that day that I would study until 5am when I would try to register again. So, my friends and I woke up at 5am when we tried again. Nothing happened! So, 5:45 am came around when we all decided to go down to the registration office and wait until they open at 8am to register. I figured why not invite a few other freshmen friends to come wait with us; so by 7am., there were at least 30 of us in front of the registration office waiting. Around 7:30, someone was on his laptop when he shouted ‘it’s working!’ so then we all just grabbed our laptops too and started registering online. I ended up getting all my classes I wanted! Yay!

That night was awesome. We were the first generation of freshmen to overload and shutdown the system for over 7 hours! I felt proud…

The following days were normal and boring until Thanksgiving came up on the 21st. I had no classes on the Tuesday and I had to tell my friends goodbye and wished them a happy Thanksgiving as they all left for their homes in separate directions. Some of my friends and I, however, stayed in Daytona beach. The school was very dead and empty. It seemed like we were the only ones there and we kinda had the entire campus to ourselves! But we didn’t take advantage of it (haha). On Thanksgiving Day itself, we just hung out and went for lunch at Denny’s. No matter how boring you think that may be, when you have your close friends around you all the time, you never feel alone and you have a wonderful time! But the main thing I enjoyed about this past week was ‘Black Friday’ shopping!

Well, my friend Amanda and I decided that we were going to wake up early that morning and head out to Wal-Mart first to get their early deals on DVDs, games and other electronics. So, we woke up around 4am and left for Wal-Mart. After what turned out to be a waste of time there, we decided to head to the mall. Well, let’s just say we tore up that mall like something serious! We hit every possible store that had good deals and good stuff- American Eagle, JC Penney, Dillards, Victoria Secret (for my mom! Lol), Abercrombie & Fitch and other nice stores. We spent about 6 hours in the mall then we were off to Best Buy for electronics, DVDs, and whatever else. Well, let’s just say I started with none and I now have a wide DVD collection! Overall, it was a well-spent day and we had loads of fun!

Well, anyway, I think this piece is getting a bit too long, don’t you? Must be tired of reading my life now. So, I am off to get ready for my business management class. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Take care everyone..

Till next time!