February 16

WHEW!!!!!!!…well, I have NEVER been SO flustered and busy with school in my LIFE! That’s the reason why this journal submission is pretty late, and I sincerely apologize to all! Don’t think I forgot about you guys!

Anyway, HELLO WORLD! Hope all is well out there!

I am here once again to grace you with words of mine that tells about the last 2 weeks of my life here at Embry Riddle. Well, as you all may have seen at the beginning of this journal, school is getting to be a real pain in the ***! Haha..

And I’m not just referring to simply academics; this includes clubs, activities, meetings, classes, homework, projects, etc.

I simply have not been finding any time for myself lately, however, I deal with it. I keep reminding myself that college is not meant to always allow free time to relax and have fun.

Within the last 2 weeks, I have been given at least 7 big projects for classes all due within a week of each other, piles of papers to write, endless meetings and interviews with clubs and activities on campus and to top it all off, I got a job! YES, readers, Vick got an on-campus job. However, I prefer not to say what it is (because the Riddle Flight Line mafia might come get me!…haha).

The reason everyone is so busy these days is because campus life is extremely active! And also because the workload from classes is increasing very rapidly!

But as a Riddle student, we all learn how to handle the stress put on us because we are the eagles, we fly HIGH!

Ok, ok I have a lot of school pride! So what?! I LOVE this place! As busy and stressed out as I am, I will never get to hate anything about this place! Except for the noise coming from the construction of the school’s new residence hall and fitness facility, but even that is a positive because when it’s done, I’m gonna be so happy—that I will be able to use the swimming pool here! Yeah, they closed off the pool for these 2 semesters since the new fitness center is being built right next to it. But don’t worry, it will be re-opened this fall 07 semester!

Anyway, moving on to a more interesting topic that unfortunately does not please me too much.

So, on the 1st of February, I got ill with some stomach problems and had to medically ground myself from flight so I would not be able to fly while sick. Yeah, that was fine, lasted around 5 days and then literally a few hours after I got over that, I came down with the cold! So, I was still very weak and ill so I couldn’t fly! To my bad luck, that lasted for about a week in which I was still medically grounded. So, after feeling considerably better, I went to un-ground myself and the nurse told me that she couldn’t un-ground me because she believed that I was still too congested to go fly. So, to this day, I am still medically grounded and that sets me back from soloing and in turn, would probably set me back a little from getting my private pilot license too.

Well, that has been a small portion of my life here at Riddle. Hope you all enjoyed reading and once again, don’t hesitate to contact to me for anything!

Take care, out there and I wish you all a less stressful February than mine!

All the best,


Quote of the week: “Don’t frown because you never know who is falling in love with your smile!”

-One friend to another on Valentines Day

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