February 28

For the last couple of weeks, I have been working hard on my school work. I did horrible on my first two tests of the semester. I was disappointed in myself. In my other two tests, I did awesome. I aced my fire protection test. I thought I was going to do badly since I had so much going on the night before. I studied with someone else for about an hour. I know that helped me out because there were some terms and questions I still had that my friend was able to answer.

The Daytona 500 was crazy. I arrived to Daytona from Miami when there were three laps left in the race. I am so happy I saw the ending of the race because I had never seen anything like it. In the end, I did not work during race week because my job was cancelled. I went to the University of Miami with another ERAU student for a conference. The conference was on how to end global poverty and what we can do to help people. There were many different ideas; of course some of them were very controversial; while others were acceptable and doable. People are trying to help out the poor and we also need to keep in mind that people that are homeless were not always poor. One of the speakers was earning six figures in a year and because of his wife, he ended up living in the streets because he could not support her habit. Now he lives in one of the homes that help homeless people. He is currently trying to get his life together. There are also other places like the food bank that try to give people food. They feel bad because they have to turn people away because they don’t have enough food to distribute.

The one statement that hit home is the fact that many kids (in the thousands) go to sleep hungry every night. It reminded me why I enjoy helping people. I am philanthropy chair for my sorority. Helping children is our priority. I am currently working on a couple of projects so we can interact with children. I am excited about that.

This week is Greek Week. We had a Xi man BBQ on Sunday so we can meet all the contestants. So far we haven’t won in any of the events for Greek Week. We had a Chariot Race and a Soap Box Derby. Our Soap Box derby didn’t even finish the race. I knew we were going to be racing on grass, but we weren’t anticipating on sand. So our little Soap Box got stuck in the sand. I helped in finding the parts for it, but Isadora built the whole thing. I fell asleep with my contacts on and the next day I woke up with a red eye. My eye still hurts. I don’t drive at night or anything just because my eye is sensitive and I have people driving me around to places.

I saw a motorcycle accident today on my way to school. He flew a couple of yards. He did not have a motorcycle helmet on. He was not conscious. He was just laying there. I really hope he’s ok.

My apartment is starting to get full of people coming down for Spring Break. Dave had his ex-girlfriend down here for a couple of days from PA. Now we have two of Amy’s friends from MN staying at our place for a couple of days. I love meeting new people even though I am shy.

For the rest of the week for Greek week, we have a pyramid contest, tug of war and a powder puff game. Our sorority is having a semi formal with a Mardi Gras theme to it. Next week is also Relay for Life followed by a Car Wash.

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