March 2, 2007


Spring Break was fun.  I had to work the Friday night before, so I didn’t fly out until Saturday.  I got to VA around noon.  I spent some time with my best friend (whose birthday is today), some other friends, my family, and my boyfriend.

I also got to fly, which was nice.  I flew to the airport where I got my training for my private pilot’s license.  It is currently being redesigned and renovated.  So far, I don’t like it much, since it is very different from what I’m used to, and it’s still all plywood and nails.  I’ll probably warm up to it when it’s finished.

Steve had a birthday over Spring Break (he’s 21 ooooooh), and I missed it.  But prior to Spring Break Cassie and I gave him his gift, which was a teddy bear named Sampson Von Kriegenbergh that we made at the mall.  It sings the most annoying version of “Happy Birthday” that I have ever heard.

APARTMENT!!!  Steve and I signed up for our apartment – we finally got all of our paperwork filled out and turned in, and we picked out which apartment we wanted.  We chose a second story apartment facing the woods.  There’s also plenty of lawn behind it for my dog (Sophie, pictured below) to run around in.  We’re both very excited about it.  We’re also excited about adopting a kitten once we move in.  Everybody loves kittens.

Over Spring Break I also got a chance to hang out with another good friend of mine and play with her new son.  He was so sweet, and although prior to his birth, I really disliked children, I think I’m warming up to them now.  He’s also pictured below, isn’t he cute?

The return home was relatively stress free.  In fact, this week has gone by very quickly, and all of a sudden… I have two tests tomorrow and one on Friday.  So I’m off to study.

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– Cat

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