March 13, 2007

Last weekend was fairly uneventful, but it did mark the beginning of bike week. I’m not that into bikes, but some of my friends seem to like them. All I know was that traffic was horrible, so getting anywhere was a real chore. I spent most of my weekend inside.

The week was kind of busy. I had a few tests, went to the gym, worked some, etc. Not really too much else to say about that.

I worked an evening shift Friday, and then that night we went to see 300- the new movie about the Spartan warriors and some crap (I got kind of lost in the details). It was really good. All the men were very hunky.

Parking was a nightmare, though. Saturday I woke up somewhere around noon – which is so nice when you have to wake up early every other day. And Wood 5 decided that we should have a cookout and make hotdogs and smores.

So we bought wood, hotdogs, chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers, pokers to put the hotdogs/smores on, huge matches, and Steve bought some camping chairs. Then we went to Daytona Beach to this little fire pit, and there was a number that said we needed to make a reservation, even though nobody was using it. So I asked a Beach Patrol guy if we could use it and he was really mean to me.

We were still trying to meet up with my friend Kim, so we decided we would go to New Smyrna Beach to meet her at the airport.

When we met up at the airport, we both didn’t know how to get to the New Smyrna beaches, so we decided we would go inside and ask someone. One of the flight instructors gave us directions which turned out to be bad. We did end up at some park, and we asked some locals for directions, which turned out to be bad. Eventually we found the New Smyrna beaches on our own and when we got there it was dark. But then one of the boys saw a sign that said “No open fires.” We had already dug a hole, so a few of us sat around it and ate cold smores. It was kind of bleak.

We were next to the cars getting ready to leave when I realized that I had lost Ryan’s (my boyfriend) ring when I took it off to dig in the sand. He gave it to me for our one year anniversary, so it’s kind of important. I checked the pocket I had put it in and realized it wasn’t in there and proceeded to freak out. I seriously could not breathe and I felt like I was going to throw up. So Kim and Steve were coaching me to breathe and calm down and the search commenced. After about five minutes of searching, Kim found the ring in the sand – it was a one in a thousand type thing. I burst into tears, and the day was saved.

You guys don’t lose valuable stuff at the beach.

Then we went back to the dorms. I set my alarm for 6:30, because I use my cell phone and it corrects itself for daylight savings. But it also pushed my alarm time forward, so I woke up at 7:30, which is when I was supposed to be at work.

I got to work at 8. Thankfully, it was really foggy, so no one showed up for the morning flights. And then I worked for eleven hours straight, but I’m not complaining!!! As much as I don’t like being at work ALL day on a weekend, I REALLY don’t like not having money for the rest of the week.

Monday was a typical Monday, I suppose. It was a very long day. Classes until 3:30, and then I took an absurdly long nap in the afternoon. That’s the thing about college – you learn to sleep when you can. In the evening I went to the gym (which I’ve been doing a lot lately), and then drove ALL the way past Orlando to pick up one of Boris’ Bulgarian friends who is staying in the dorms with us.

We didn’t get back to Daytona until around 12:30 or 1 am. But that’s okay.

Plans for Spring Break include going home, hopefully flying some, visiting family in Pennsylvania, And we’ll see.

Shoot me an email if you have any questions – I respond to all of them!


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