March 13

Hey Folks.

The End is in sight. We are about to leave for Spring Break, which is a real reality check as to how close we are to the end of the semester. This is the last week before we get a nice break from our routine lives. When we get back, there are only fives weeks left and then we are done. It is going to fly by. With this in mind though, I must note that these last two weeks have been a little bit tiring because of all the midterms I have been taking. I have had exams in almost every single class. And two weeks after we get back, I have more exams. It is really pushing but it keeps me on my toes. All those exams returned good results and I have set myself up for a good end to the semester.

Looking ahead academically, I have registered for summer session courses, which I did mention last journal. I have a little advice for those of you who ever decide to take summer session courses. If you register for courses, keep an eye on the capacity of the class. I learned from my advisor that the courses have to have around 10 students for the class to run. If not, that section is closed. I am beginning to realize I may have to rearrange my summer schedule because one of the courses I am registered for is most likely going to close for this very reason. Other than that, everything in that department is going well. I am waiting to see information about registering for the fall semester. This next year is going to be really exciting because I am approaching the higher level courses for the aerospace engineering degree and that makes me, being the dork that I am, very excited. Also, look sharp for news about Riddle switching to a 4-day school week. I have heard rumors about the university switching to this format for various reasons. It would be nice to always have 3-day weekends.

For those of you who don’t know, Bike Week just ended here in Daytona. It was cool to see a lot of awesome bikes, but the constant traffic and change in atmosphere around town was a pain. Not much to say about Bike Week except that you need to be careful both as an automobile driver or a motorcycle rider. I am sad to report that a Riddle student was involved in a motorcycle accident this past Sunday and he passed away. It is a tragedy and our hearts go out to his loved ones. Today, I also watched an accident unfold right in front of me. A motorcycle was cruising down Clyde Morris, just north of the campus, and a car pulled out right in front of him. He could not react in time and struck the back of the car flipping his bike and his body over the top and down the street. I have not heard anything on his current condition but he was fortunate enough that this occurred right in front of Halifax Medical Center and an ambulance, EVAC vehicle, and nurse just happened to be behind him headed toward the hospital. These situations are terrible and I can only hope that you heed my warning. Be Careful while driving and riding. Your life, along with the lives of everyone around you, hangs in the balance.

That was a sad note. On to something more cheerful. I went to the beach today for the first time since the beginning of the semester and it was beautiful outside. It was literally the perfect day to say hello to the ocean again. Random news, I have started working out again. I used to go to the gym every night back in California. I have been slacking so much since I got here and I am beginning to not like the way I look. So, I am finally getting back into shape. To go along with this, I got a sweet new case for my ipod and new earplugs to listen to music while running. The earplugs are sweet because they cancel out noise and enhance bass, just trust me on this one guys, its rockin’.

Most recently I have just been focusing on course work and there has been a lot of it. Keep sending me your emails with questions. I am glad that I can respond to your concerns and answer any questions you may have. Again, I apologize if I take a long time to respond. Give me some time, I try and answer as many as possible in between classes and homework and you can always post your questions on the discussion board. I hope everything is well with everyone and your families. Make sure to stop by in two weeks for my next journal.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and enjoy your Spring Break, whenever that may be.

Until next time

Peace Easy

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