March 19 – March 23

On Monday, I prepared myself for my internship interview. I did some research on the company and their history. I wanted to know what they stood for. I had gone to the career center and found someone that had done the internship had applied for a couple of years ago. I noticed that some people that did the internships I had applied for were pilots. I enjoyed reading about the different positions the interns have had in the past. The one I am being interviewed for sounded interesting. You are in charge of emergencies. You would have to make sure that the response to those emergencies are being executed correctly and then you look at the glitches your program may have. After you do the simulation, you would have to evaluate the exercise and look for areas of improvement. It is an unpaid internship though, but it’s in Seattle. I just can’t pass this opportunity.

I did my interview on Tuesday and I think it went all right. I feel that I need to work on my interviewing skills though. I kept saying “and stuff” a lot. We covered that in my speech class. I’ll be working on staying quiet instead of trying to fill in the silence. Later on that night, I went to Flip Its with Holly and hung out with Matt and friends. We went to a guy named Adam’s place and played Wii for the rest of the night. I managed to beat Matt in the boxing game, but couldn’t beat him in anything else.

On Wednesday, Holly and I went to the beach and ate at Johnny Rockets. Matt also joined us for dinner. We watched a movie and talked for a bit.

On Thursday, I met up with Holly and Lisa and went to Razzle’s. The cover charge was $15. No, I do not think it’s worth it. I think they also increased the price because of the Spring Breakers. It was so packed in there, I couldn’t dance in peace without someone hitting me or pushing me. I might give it a try another time, but I’d rather go to Aqua.

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