March 23 – March 25

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This weekend, I decided to have the weekend to myself. I did not hang out with anyone. I wanted to start unpacking some boxes and see what was in them since I hadn’t gotten a chance to look at them. I also wanted to start packing up stuff and throwing away things I did not use or need.[1. This is a footnote.] It was sort of a Spring cleaning.

I also started working on homework since my projects are due within the next couple of weeks. And I had 3 group projects due for my technical communications class. I stayed up until 1 a.m. on Sunday night because one of the group members hadn’t finished his part of the project and we had to tally up the votes and do some calculations and graphs.

Also my roommate, Cheese, had more people coming into town for Spring Break. I was nervous because I wanted to sleep and I know what happens when his friends come to town. I was glad they were only staying until Monday and for the rest of the week they were going to be staying in Orlando. They did wake me up on Sunday night, but this time it didn’t go all night long. I even woke up because I got confused because it was so quiet at 4 am.

I forgot to mention that I got a call on Thurs by my career counselor. She was informing me that one of the internships was interested in me and that they were interviewing students on Monday for internships. This internship is in Dallas/Ft. Worth. I have not lived here, but I have visited and driven through here.

I may go Skydiving on Friday. I am supporting Hilda who has paid 3 times to go, but has not been able to actually do it because of her fear. There is also a concealed weapons course that I want to take, but I am not sure if I have time. There is also an Up Til’ Dawn Finale, which is a dance marathon, looking forward to that.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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