April 11



OK, so I’m really happy these days because school couldn’t be better! VERY little homework, flight’s going great, friends are getting closer, more going out, doing a lot of exciting new things! WOW! Ok, so maybe that doesn’t sound like school at all, but hey, it is what you make of it…and I’ve been making it a hell of a lot of fun! Haha

Ok, so BIG news! I SOLOED! For those of you who don’t know what that means, my instructor deemed me capable of taking the Cessna 172 up in the air, do a few landings and take-offs by myself! YAY!!! So, I knew the day was coming up soon, but it was sprung up on me one day when we took off; and sadly I was wearing one of my favorite shirts that morning; reason I said that was because after your solo, the shirt you flew in is normally cut up and written up all over it to celebrate and remember your first time in the plane by yourself. Ok, so it was early morning on April 4th, beautiful day out in Daytona Beach. So, I decided to go over to New Smyrna Beach Airport to practice landings and traffic patterns that day. Well, my instructor and I headed over there and he did 3 landings with me then we taxied over to the tower where he told me I was going to solo! Shortly after, he de-planed the aircraft and I was there, sitting in the plane, and the first thing that came to mind was: “OH MY GOD…I can’t believe I’m about to do this!” Alright, so obviously I was nervous as hell, but I realized being nervous was not going to keep me safe in that airplane. So, I simply focused on what needed to be done, did all my checklists, everything went fine. Then, I took off from runway 29, did my traffic patterns just fine, landed perfectly, taxied over to the runway and took off again. I did 3 take-offs and 3 landings that were the best I think I ever did! I swear, I wish I took pics to put here for ya’ll, but you just have to believe me for now. Haha!

Congratulations to ME!

Alright, so the next big thing I wanted to tell ya’ll was that I went SKYDIVING! YES! A few friends and I wanted to do it sometime, but we never set a date to do it. So, last week Thursday, we decided to go the next day (Friday). So, we drove over to Deland airport around 2pm after our classes on Friday. Yes, I was nervous; more nervous that doing my solo, but hey I didn’t pay 200 dollars to stay on the ground. So, my friend Blanca (another student journal writer) and I boarded the plane, climbed to 13,500 feet where we leveled off shortly, then jumped off and free-fell for around 1.5 minutes directly over Deland airport. After that, the parachute deployed and we glided for about 4 minutes down onto the airport. Well, I must say, that was the most MINDBLOWING experience I have ever had in my life! Simply AmAzInG! WOW! If I get my pictures anytime soon, I will post them up in the next journal, I promise!

Ugh, ok so let’s get back to boring school. Boo. Lately, my professors don’t give us a lot of homework and projects so, YAY me! Also, registration for classes is coming up soon for freshmen, so once again we will over-ride and shut-down the system like we did last semester.

So, that’s all about my exciting life within the last couple days. I also would like to thank all of you out there who contacted me with questions and stuff. Thanks! All the best to you with applying to Riddle.

Have a safe 2 weeks!


Quote of the week: “high school called; it wants its drama back!”

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