April 23

*sniffles* So, you may be wondering why I’m holding back from tears. As you guys may know, this is my LAST journal submission to you guys. So, this is the last time you will all read about my life on Embry-Riddle’s website. If you are on Facebook, however, then you can follow up on the rest of my college life by adding me!

Okay, so this is a REALLY sad time of my life here in college when the semester is almost over, classes start wrapping up, exams are almost here and we must all say our goodbyes at the end of it all. But before I get into all the mushy stuff, let me tell you about the past 2 weeks here at Riddle. Classes have already been ending and some of them have not completed the course yet. I am officially done with 3 out of my 5 classes and have not begun studying for the finals yet! I don’t plan on starting till an hour before the test, just kidding! I must say, I had a lot of fun with all my professors; the good and the bad ones. Speech class was amazing where I gave a total of 4 speeches that were all great, Physics was a breeze since I already knew most of the material from high school, Basic Aeronautics 2 was fantastic- I had the best professor EVER!!! Accounting class was very informative to say the least. Information Technology was very fun and interesting; I really learned a lot in that class! Overall, this semester’s school work was very strenuous but I value every little bit of knowledge I have gained!

Alright, onto the fun part! So, like I said, the end of the semester is here, so a couple friends and I decided that we should do something together before we start finals. So, this past weekend, 3 of my closest friends and I drove down to Miami! One of them lived there, so we got around easily-thank God! Alright, so we left Saturday morning and got into Miami in the afternoon and went straight to the malls to do some SHOPPING! Yes, who doesn’t love to shop?! Anyway, so we got some cool stuff. And then, after that we decided to go plane spotting at Miami International Airport! I’ve never actually gone plane spotting before, so that was like the highlight of my impromptu trip. That night, my parents were in Miami on business, so we met up with them and then headed over to our friend Guillermo’s house for dinner- you know, the one who lives there. They’re Dominican, so we had authentic Dominican food that was ‘muy sabroso’..? haha, I have to work on my Spanish. After, we went to the hotel room that my parents got for us that night at the Courtyard Marriott and not too long after being restless in the room, we headed out to downtown Miami! WOO HOO! That was CrAzY!!! So busy and full of people just ‘partying it up’! Came back to the room around 3am and hit the bed.

The next day, my parents took us out to dinner at P.F. Chang’s restaurant and right after, we left them and headed back to the airport for even MORE plane spotting! YAY. We ended up getting back into Daytona Beach around 12:30am Monday morning. Now, that was one of the most fun weekends I have ever had here at Riddle; and it wasn’t even in Daytona! Haha.

So, now comes the part where I must bid all of you goodbye. It has been such a wonderful pleasure and experience to write to all of you guys and share my life here at Embry-Riddle with you. I do hope that you enjoyed reading all my submissions and that you will share some of the good and bad experiences that I had here at college because without the bad, how would we know what’s good? Do not hesitate to contact me at all with any questions or comments that you may have; even if you just wanna talk more, just add me on facebook (search for my name), my aim is ‘xtriniboix’ and email is pundib07@erau.edu. It has been an honor and a privilege to write to you guys and I’d like to thank the one who made it all possible, Jill Meredith who works in admissions. I love you Jill! Thanks to all of you out there who have contacted me and now have became my friends. Thanks to my friends for making my freshman year in college an unforgettable experience. Thanks to my parents for supporting me and loving me unconditionally. Thanks! Thanks to everyone who has made a difference not only to my life, but to the world! All the best in getting to Riddle, pre-freshmen! Can’t wait to meet a few of you!

Take care, and once again, thank you for choosing Vick Airways!

Have a good one!

Your (Preferred) Student Journal Writer,

Quote of the week: Life is too short to live the same day twice!


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