September 24, 2007

Hello!  Wow, time sure does fly when you are having a good time!  I can’t believe I have already been here a little more than a month.  Well, a lot has happened since I wrote last, including the big news—Starbucks is coming to campus!  I am pretty excited because that means we will have another place to use our meal plans.  It will be located in the library with an entrance from the outside and the menu will include lunch and breakfast items plus the usual coffee.  The construction hasn’t started yet but it is scheduled to be open next semester.

Last week was the Activities Fair which was held on Heritage Walkway and consisted of a booth for each club.  I was amazed at how many different clubs were there and truthfully, there is definitely something for everyone.  I decided to sign up for Silver Wings, Women in Aviation, Airport Management Club, and since I am in the Honors Program I am automatically in the Honor Student’s Association.  I choose Silver Wings because it’s a service organization with both cadets and civilians, Women in Aviation because it links all aviation related majors, and Airport Management Club because one day I want to be an airport manager.  The exciting part with the Airport Management Club is that we will get to go on “behind the scenes” tours of different airports.  Clubs are a great way to network with other students that you might not get to meet in your classes or dorms.

On September 14th the Honors Program had a picnic on the beach.  I had a good time swimming in the ocean and talking to some new people.  The Honors Program also hosts monthly lectures featuring different professors.  This month the lecture was titled “Sunni-Shia Relations in Iraq’s Political Predicament” and was given by Dr. Mohamed Camara.  All the lectures are open to the whole student body and I would recommend going to some of these because I learned a lot of new information about Iraq’s history.  My Honors class has been very interesting with all of the books and stories we are reading are about the sea.  In a couple of weeks, the whole class is going to go out on a sailboat for several hours.  I am excited because I have never gone sailing and I have wanted to for a long time!  Soon, I will give a PowerPoint presentation on sea creatures and I just finished writing my first paper.

AFROTC is keeping me entertained and I am enjoying all of it!  I am in Hotel Flight and we try to get together outside of ROTC events.  We go to the new fitness center and workout together or this last time we decided to play sand volleyball.  I have never played sand volleyball before and I had a great time!  Also, every Sunday evening we have extra drill to work on the flight’s marching skills, and one evening after the practice we challenged another flight to a game of basketball.  I am, by no means, an athletic person and the only sport I have played was basketball throughout grade school.  Amazingly, I scored a basket and my flight won the game!  Tonight I got the job of being a flight adj.; which means tomorrow I will be in charge of getting the flight in formation and then reporting to the squadron adj. that everyone is present.  We still haven’t got our true Air Force uniforms yet, but I think we will pretty soon.

I hope all of you high school seniors have started to fill out your college applications!  Good luck!

Until next time,


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