October 1

Hey Everyone,
So I decided that I got involved with way too much, way too fast. However, I do have good news! I made the AcaFellas!!! For all of those who don’t know who that is (which is probably all of you) it is an all male Acapella singing group at Embry Riddle. They are a really good group and it was an honor to be accepted into the group. It has been a CRAZY few weeks. I have now had a test in all but one of my classes. I must say that when you go to study, study the opposite of whatever the professor tells you to study LOL… Just Kidding! But on a serious note, I studied my butt off for my ATC exam 1, and I went in there knowing exactly what I thought was going to be on the test and it was the exact opposite of what he told us to study!! I was quite upset to tell you all the truth. I pulled a 79 on it, but it was a wake up call and a reality check… STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!!

Now, I have to do my “Getting Involved Speech” I am currently in 7 organizations and I must say it is time consuming!!!! It is really nice to be involved on campus but just watch out how much you do. I must say my two favorite organizations are ERRSA (Embry Riddle Residence Student Association) and the AcaFellas. Between those two organizations, they take up a lot of my time! This campus is awesome when it comes to getting involved though… there are always different org’s to join and different things to do….. you should NEVER EVER be bored on this Campus!!!

This past weekend, I went on the ERRSA retreat and it was like the BEST thing that I have done here so far…. We did a lot of Team Builders all weekend and I met some people that I will probably be friends with for life. This is like the best group of people on campus… What we do on campus, is that we are the liaison between the residence and the department of housing. We put on a lot of programs, and we really work hard to make YOUR life on campus a lot better. Our office offers rentals of movies, vacuums, DVD players. We also have video game systems for you to play IN OFFICE ONLY!! I truly had a great time this weekend and I urge ALL OF YOU to join!!!!

Well I don’t want to make these too long, because we all have things to do, but like I said, If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email me, I would be more than happy to answer some of your questions!!! Have a good one!!

Email: Jaworksj@erau.edu
Phone: (716)713-9397

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