October 9

Well hello to everyone!!! Hope your day is going favorably and that you are enjoying the wonderful World Wide Web! That’s what the www stands for in the internet tool bar up there ^. Anyway, I’m enjoying life down here in wonderful Daytona Beach. I would like to tell you about all the fun things that I have done this past two weeks, but to be honest, I haven’t really done anything exciting. BUT, I do have some fun things planned! So I’ll tell you about those things instead of what I have done. But first . . . classes . . .

TTH 8:15am-9:30am – Aviation Weather – So far so good . . . I got a 90 on the first test that we took, which isn’t too bad. I still think 8:15 classes are pretty early, but I’m glad that I’m getting out of bed and being active. As much as I enjoy just sitting and doing nothing, it’s good to get up and feel productive. Otherwise the class is going good. We’re learning about some turbulence and then some thunderstorms, so it should be interesting.

TTH 9:45am-11:00am – Business Communications – So this class is my hardest class this semester, partly because I don’t enjoy writing. We finished our first project and when we turned it in, my professor immediately assigned the next project. And half way through that project he assigned our third project! So I have been doing a lot of writing and so far I have made Bs on my papers. My professor says average work gets a C, good work gets a B, and excellent work gets an A, so I’m surprised that I got a B. But I’m still pushin for an A, so we’ll have to wait and see how that goes.

TTH 12:45pm-2:00pm – Intermediate Aeronautics – My professor once again lightens up the class and generates a good mood from all my classmates. We’re starting to learn the specifics regarding all the technical aspects of instrument flying. We are going over departure procedures, arrival procedures, holding patterns, and tracking navigational aides. All in all it’s pretty exciting learning about all these procedures that thousands of airline pilots use on a daily basis!

TTH 2:15pm-3:30pm – Air Traffic Management II – We took our second test and I got a 94, so I’m pretty happy about that. This class is sometimes a bit dull (because a lot of the information overlaps with my other classes) but my professor does a good job of lightening up the atmosphere. We were just learning about aircraft recognition and what distinguishes similar looking aircraft. We talked about an airplane called a Cessna Skymaster and our professor told us a pretty funny story. When he was a controller he saw an airplane coming in that was far away, but he thought it looked like a Cessna Skymaster so he talked to the pilot and asked him, but the pilot wasn’t in a Cessna Skymaster and he didn’t know what a Skymaster was either. So he asked: “Cessna 213 are you a Skymaster?” And then there was a long pause then the pilot responded: “No, I’m a student pilot.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I don’t know if you’re laughing, but I am!

TTHS 5:30pm-8:30pm – Flight – My instrument rating is coming along nicely, but it gets tricky at times. I thought there was a lot going when I was a private pilot, but it gets a lot busier when you go for your instrument. There is a thousand things going on at once and it gets pretty stressful. That’s why I’m glad I have my instructor with me because this is a walk in the park for him. I can’t wait until I get to that level and I don’t have panic attacks! My instructor and I are getting along well and we are always laughing and having fun. This week I will be flying some holding patterns which should be fun. I just have to remember how to enter the pattern, which direction to go, and for how long and I’ll be fine!

So my classes and flying are going along nicely. Other than that, it has been an uneventful two weeks. I have been working a lot to get some money, which doesn’t grow on trees as I just found out. But other than work and school, there’s not a whole lot goin’ on. I would tell you about the success of my intramural volleyball team cleverly titled the “BAMFs” but unfortunately we haven’t played in three weeks. Not sure what’s happening with that, but apparently they just haven’t scheduled us for games so we haven’t got the chance to play. Oh well, it would have been unfair if we got to play because no other teams would even have a chance! (Sarcasm)

So now I’ll talk about the future instead of the past. Coming up on this Thursday I will be attending Halloween Horror Nights which is at Universal Studios in Orlando. It’s basically a big scare fest with creepy goblins and ghosts that walk around scaring people. I’ve been in the past and had a great time so I’m looking forward to it this year. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it next journal. If you want, you can check it out here http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com/orlando/index.html

Ohh! Switch back to the past. I saw the movie Heartbreak Kid with Ben Stiller and I thought it was pretty funny. It’s definitely an “adult” movie, but I haven’t seen a movie where I laughed that hard in a while. Okay, back to the future.

So coming up in November I am going with some friends to a comedy show in Orlando. It’s in an arena that holds 17,000 people, there’s only one comedian, and his name is . . . well I just had it. I keep forgetting . . . Let me just flip through my calendar . . . Oh yes! That’s his name. You might have heard of him before, but I doubt it . . . his name sounds like Cane Dook. Yes, its DANE COOK!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry for the stupid lead up, I knew who it was the whole time) So Mr. DC is a hero of mine (despite his recent movies) and I have seen him live twice in my life and now I am going to make it a 3rd time. He is going on a 25 city tour (Rough Around the Edges Tour) that starts in November and goes to mid-December. I suggest that if you are a fan of Mr. Cook that you go to his website (DaneCook.com) and buy tickets immediately! Or if you aren’t a fan, don’t go because that wouldn’t be a smart thing to do really. He’s coming to Orlando on November 14th and I am psyched! I will definitely be counting the days off until he arrives. So be sure to stay tuned to my journal because I will definitely be writing about that and posting some pictures on the website.

Well, I guess that’s about it. I’ll try to have a more exciting week or two so I have something to write about. Maybe I’ll win the lottery or get chosen to represent America in an egg throwing contest! (Kind of random, I apologize). Anyway, hope everyone is doing well and I will be back in no time. Ah, and don’t forget to check out some videos and pictures that I have posted, and not to mention the other student journals. I was reading them, they got some good stuff! Until next time!


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