October 21, 2007

Hello!  These past two weeks have once again been packed full of adventures and I am excited to tell you all about them.  First of all, I did get back my AFOQT scores and I am happy to report that I passed even without the calculator!  Next, the Student Center is going to be renovated over the summer so next year we will have a Chick-fil-A and a smoothie place.  I am pretty excited about this because although the food is good, you do get tired of it.

On October 9th, I went to an event called Tuesday’s Treasure sponsored by the Women’s Center and The Office of Diversity Initiatives.  Every month they bring in different women to talk about what they do and their experiences.  This month was Mrs. Arleen Smith who is the Assistant to the Director of Aviation—Coordinator of Airport Security at Daytona Beach International Airport.  I decided to go because I enjoy learning about airports and one day I hope to be an airport manager.  Her talk was really informative and I learned some interesting facts about the Daytona Beach Airport.  Also, on Friday of that week I went to another women’s event—Chat-and-Craft for Charity.  We made Thanksgiving table decorations for the local children’s home and we had snacks, got to know one another, and watched a movie.  These programs are a really great way to meet other women here on campus!

Recently, the ROTC programs here at Riddle competed against one another for the Commander’s Cup.  Army, Air Force, and Navy compete against each other in a run, pull-ups, tug-of-war, and other categories.  I know for sure that the Air Force won the run and the tug-of-war categories.  One of the other categories was school spirit and we cheered the women’s soccer team to victory.  The Navy had won the Commander’s Cup last time, but the Air Force won the trophy back.  I had a fun time just cheering everyone on!

PT has involved a lot of running because we are getting ready for the physical fitness test which will be this coming Wednesday.  I have never really enjoyed running, but as time goes on I find myself not disliking it as much.  Maybe by the end of the school year I will be able to say I like running or better yet, that I love running.  One morning we all met at the beach and ran about three miles.  When we got there it was so dark that you couldn’t even see the water but by the end of the run the sun was up and shining.  I liked running on the beach because it was nice to have a change from running in circles on the track.  Soon, I think we get to go running on the racetrack at Daytona Speedway and that will be exciting.

As part of Silver Wings, I went to the Star Shelter this past Saturday.  Our job was to hang out with the kids for a couple hours and we decided to color with them.  Several of the kids were really creative and made Halloween masks or pictures to decorate their rooms.  I had fun helping a little girl glue streamers onto a paper crown.  A Silver Wings member helped a little boy make a Frankenstein mask and a paper hammer.  The boy had so much fun chasing people around and scaring them.  We are planning on going back to the shelter and building a gingerbread house with the kids for a local contest.

My classes are going well and I have been able to get all the projects done.  Each class has one big project that you have to complete either by yourself or in a group.  For example, in my Management class we have a group paper where we have to analyze a company following the outline the professor gave us.  My group chose to do Walt Disney Corporation and we had to have half of it completed by last week.  For my Macroeconomics class I had to do a paper and presentation and in my Honors class I have to do a presentation and numerous papers.  The only class I have without any projects is my math class.  If you don’t have PowerPoint on your computer when you come here, make sure you go to the library and get it installed because you will definitely use it.  The library has all kinds of computer programs you can check out and install on your computer for free.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention Biketoberfest!  For all of you who don’t know, Biketoberfest is like a mini bike week because it only lasts for four days and there aren’t as many bikers.  I have seen some pretty cool bikes, but I definitely won’t be walking anywhere off campus until it is over because the traffic is crazy!  Registration begins on Monday so in my next entry I will be sure to tell you how it went.

Until next time,



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