November 5, 2007

Hi everyone!! Yesterday while walking to the gym I remembered that another journal entry was due on Monday and I was like… “I don’t think anything has happened that’s worth writing about” but then… My friend was like.. LOTS has happened and rambled a list of things to refresh my memory.

Last entry I mentioned I was going to see the rocket launch. I posted pictures of it that day, but never got to tell you how amazing it was! We were in Titusville, about an hour away from Daytona Beach. It is supposedly the best viewing spot aside from the KSC itself. We’re hoping to get bleacher seats for the next launch.

Halloween, of course, was fantastic. We had a little party on our floor and I dressed up as my opposite door neighbor and vice versa, ton of fun. My roommate and I supplied the chocolate because we just had so much to spare. A bunch of people watched scary movies after our party, but I’m too big of a chicken to watch scary movies, they give me nightmares, so I opted out of that and stuck to a bag of M&M’s.

The Saturday after Halloween, I got to give my open house speech to like 800 people. I got to meet the chancellor and many other people who work in undergraduate admissions, so it was definitely a lot of fun. I want to be a tour guide sometime lol. After I presented my spiel, I went on a tour with the largest tour group and spent the day answering questions from eager parents and children. Most of the people present during open house were either from Florida or New Jersey, which wasn’t all that surprising to me. It feels like Riddle attracts Jersey kids like no other. If you were at the open house, shoot me an email, I’d love to hear what you thought about your day at Riddle! I ended my work day only to find out that we had a review session in physics for the test that Monday, so I practically ran (still in my work clothes) to the session so I wouldn’t be late. I spent the rest of the weekend pretty much studying for exams, working on a project and eating when I could.

I’ve gotten active with TFO (Task Force One) lately. We scrounged up materials for our homecoming float, which has to be completed by today. We also participated in a charity even for Palance Powell. Palance is a dining services worker who got hit by a car when he was riding his bike. Embry-Riddle has made an effort to help his family out through various fundraisers. TFO baked cookies and cakes that were sold for donations. FYI, if you’re doing a bake sale, depending on your crowd, sometimes it’s better to let them take as many cookies as they want and mention that it’s a “by donation” basis. Some people donated $20 for a cookie or two, much more than we would’ve gotten just selling the cookie by itself. We were present during the women’s volleyball game and I’ve posted a bunch of pictures up of our team so check them out on my pix site.

This weekend is really busy. I have to write a paper, write this journal entry, work out, write a mini paper, and do my math and physics homework. Phew, that was a mouthful. I’ve been working out a lot lately! I can see calf muscle and I’m hoping to get abs very soon. Working out is really relaxing for me, it’s definitely a good way to get frustration out and is a major stress reliever even if it’s just for an hour and a half every other day.

The semester is almost over, as crazy as that seems. We’re being assigned our final projects, our final exams and it’s all happening so quickly! Mom warned me about this and that’s why I’ve been trying to make sure I have time for everything I need to do and actually get it done. Life is hard especially when your friend can watch movies all day because somehow they got a free weekend and you’re bombarded with work knowing your friend is having way more fun than you. haha, that takes a lot of self control right there.

Have a good week everyone!


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