December 4

Hey Everyone,
Well, once again, life on the Embry Riddle Campus has been crazy. There has been so much that has been going on, some good, some bad, some I’m just not sure how to take it. I’ll be letting you guys know what classes have been like and what I am taking next semester. Well I hope you all are doing well and let’s begin!!

Air Traffic 302 (AT302)- William Coyne
This class has surprisingly been going a lot better than it has been previously. I know it has taken a whole semester but the professor is just not that great. I know that sounds mean to say, but he is an extremely nice guy, but I just don’t get his teaching methods. I was talking to another Air Traffic Control professor and this is what has been going on: I am in 302, and there is a 300 class before 302. Now, the 300 class has a prerequisite of AS 120 to it, but 302 does not have any prerequisites  to it at all.  So this professor knew that I was struggling in my class. What I did not understand was why I was not informed of this earlier when I was doing my scheduling. Basically, what I’m trying to tell everyone that is coming here for ATC, don’t let anyone tell you that it is okay to take 302 before 300. If you don’t have your private pilot’s license you have to take AS 120 so take that, then take 300 and eventually take 302. Don’t make yourself struggle through an entire semester like I did.

Intro to Contemporary Mathematics (MA006)- Debbie Edwards
Hopefully you all won’t be in this math, this is a “refresher” type of math class for transfers students who have not taken math in a long time, like me!!! So the class has been going well, I really like the professor for this class, she is an amazing teacher, and it is really hard to find good math professors anymore so I’m really glad that I had her. I actually am taking my MA 111 class with her too.

Introduction to Psychology (PSY101)- Jessica Cruit
I really liked this class this semester. I had always wanted to take a Psychology class and I’m glad that I got the opportunity to do so. The teacher is amazing! She knows how to make you interested in the topic and she is extremely generous with letting you know what she will be testing you on. I got a 94 on my midterm, and it was basically because she went over every little thing that would be on it the class before we took the exam. We just handed in our case studies in which we had to make a story up about a client that we had and diagnose them with a Psychological Disorder and then treat them. This was actually pretty fun and it would have been a lot more fun if I didn’t wait until the last second to do it.

Business Administration (BA201)-Tamilla Curtis
Business class has also turned around from the beginning of the year. We just presented our end of the semester projects and my group members and I got a 90 on it. We had to create a business and create an in detail business plan or its structure, financial data, and all that fun stuff. My group decided to do “The Mile High Bar and Grill” It was a lot of fun. For our presentations, everyone was wearing like ties and dress pants but since we had a sports bar my group decided to show up in jeans and sports jerseys. We didn’t know if we would get criticized or if the teacher would like it, but she complimented us on how we matched with each other and with our business plan. Otherwise we are just preparing for our final exam.

Introduction to Meteorology (WX201)
Meteorology is a fun class, the material we learn in completely boring but the professor is cool and the people that I sit around are a lot of fun. We all always compare homework in the beginning of class and we have gotten like all 100 on our homework. I finally did semi-good on a test in that class. Those tests are ridiculously hard but I managed to pull off a 78. Yes I know that sounds bad but it was a miracle LOL. Now that all of our tests are done, we are just going over final exam material.

ERAU Choir
Choir has been going very well but very slow. Last week we still didn’t know all of our songs for our concert this Wednesday. It’s very irritating because there are a handful of us that are putting in all the effort and then there are just people that care about being there but are not exactly putting in the effort. I don’t like that they are the ones holding us back. It’s like learn your part and remember your part. Every rehearsal it seems like we are going back and learning songs that we have gone over so many times. I still have fun though!!!

AcaFellas is going very well. We have done a few National Anthem gigs and we are doing a few holiday party gigs, so that is a lot of fun. At least with AcaFellas, when we learn music, people actually remember it and we don’t have to continually go back and learn over and over. We get to sing at the President of Embry Riddle’s house on December 16th, so I am pretty excited about that, and then we are singing the National Anthem on December 17th.

ERRSA is still as amazing as ever. I have been doing a lot with lately. We had our Residence Hall week just recently, and we had events for like 5 days in a row. They all went very well and I had a good time with them all. My friends in ERRSA have also been as amazing as ever. They have been there for me in the past few weeks when I have been having some problems, and I feel like I have been there for them too. They are all amazing people and I know I have said that before but there are just no words to describe what great friends they are.

I know that this semester has been awesome and I know that I have made so many new friends, but I cannot wait to go home. I really just need to see my family and spend time with them. I think that has definitely been the hardest part about this semester. I miss my family and friends back at home. What is good about the upcoming few weeks is that when I am done with exams on the 10th I am going to Texas to see my sister and nieces. I’ll be there until December 16th and then I am coming back to school to sing at graduation and the President’s house. I am so happy to go see them, they moved in August and it has been tough not seeing them.

I’m going to the Space Shuttle Launch this Thursday, December 6th, so I will let you guys know how that went, but other that I think that is all that I have. I hope that everybody has a great end to their semester and I’d like to hear from you all to see how everyone is doing with the Admissions process  and/or school selections. Any problems just let me know and I’ll get them answered for you. “There’s a kind of a sort of cost, there’s a couple of things that get lost, there are bridges you cross you didn’t know you crossed until you’ve crossed.” from the musical Wicked.

Until Next Time,
Joe Jaworski

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