December 16, 2007

Hello from freezing Illinois!

My flight left Daytona Beach on Wednesday afternoon, I had a long layover in Atlanta and I made it home to Illinois late that evening. The Atlanta airport is crazy and each time I land there, my gate gets changed. This time was no exception because the gate was changed three times!

I am so glad to be home for a visit and having completed my first semester at ERAU. The last two weeks at school included my flight’s Christmas Party, study day, and finals. On December 2nd, my AFROTC flight had one last activity together—a Christmas party. We decorated sugar cookies, watched a movie, and exchanged presents. The gift I got was a car that moves when you push a button. I thought it was pretty cute and was glad that I didn’t end up with the fish someone brought. My flight was a great group of people and I hope that next semester I am just as lucky to get such a good flight. The Christmas party started to get me in the Christmas spirit and my mom sent me a box full of homemade Christmas cookies and that helped too.

We didn’t have class on Friday last week because finals started on Saturday and they give us a day to just study. The Honors Program provided us with a free catered lunch that day to provide us with a break in studying. The food was pretty tasty and I needed something to break up the study day.

The last two weeks of school were sort of boring because no clubs were having meetings and ROTC was over, so I didn’t have anything to do except study. I don’t mind studying but after awhile I began to get bored, so I went over to a friend’s room and together we helped one another study.

I had a final on Saturday night and we ended up being able to use our notes. Monday I had two finals in the afternoon including my Honors final which was short answer and multiple essays. Afterwards, I felt like my fingers were going to fall off. I had Tuesday off and then Wednesday morning I had two—my math and computer final. Before my math final, I got together with another girl and we studied our old tests and that helped a lot.

My finals all went pretty well and I am really happy with my final grades. They were all done really early on Wednesday and my flight wasn’t until later, so I cashed in all of my meal plans and finished cleaning my room.

The Student Village put up a twelve foot Christmas tree and I took a picture of it and put it on my website. Also, the College of Business building was pretty much finished when I left and I included some pictures of that. Now, I am going to go make some chocolate chip cookies!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Until next time, Kaleigh

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