December 18

Hello everyone!

It’s my birthday today (18th) and I can hardly believe I’m almost done with the teenage years. It is so wonderful being home! The last two weeks were torture just because we could all feel the semester coming to an end.

After getting through my last Calculus, Graphical Communications, and Chemistry tests on Monday, I was able to relax a bit until finals got closer. I even gave myself a haircut. It turned out pretty nice. It was fun to surprise my family with a new look. A

nother thing I was able to do before flying home was go to my first real sporting event. I went to the basketball game when we played our rivals, Flagler. It’s also the school my sister graduated from last December, so that’s another good reason to go. It was very exciting to see our guys take the win!

I also enjoyed having a free, tasty lunch for Honor’s kids and even a dodgeball tournament at church. Christian Fellowship Club had a great Christmas party with carols, games, and free stuff and food. It was a nice way to celebrate finishing my Calculus final earlier that day.

I also went to Starbucks and Target with Alex. I found a Secret Santa gift for a guy on my floor just in time. We went back and exchanged gifts. It was really fun. There were many creative gifts. The rest of the weekend involved packing, laundry, and studying for the dreaded Chemistry final.

I nearly cried when I finished and walked out of the engineering building. It had been a long semester of learning and struggles. I’ve never had to work so hard for a class in my life. I had little to no background in chemistry and there I was taking our hardest chem course. God got me through and taught me it’s ok to get a low grade on a test or two when you really study well and try your best. Dr. Cameron was generous with the extra credit and although I got two tests in the 60 range, I got an 87 overall. The final was an 82, so I’m proud of that.

The rest of my classes were all A’s, so I’m happy to say I’ve finished my first semester of college in the “hardest” major (so it’s rumored) with a 3.83. It’s bizarre to not have a 4.0 anymore, but at least I don’t have the pressure of keeping it. And there’s no reason to be ashamed of what I’ve accomplished with my Lord and Savior’s help!

Now that the drama of Chemistry was over, I could really enjoy my Christmas break. I’ve gone to a hs basketball game, Christmas concert, trip up to the snow with my dad, church college kids open house, and a class party at my best friend’s house that turned out to be a surprise party for me. How blessed I am to have such wonderful friends and family! I can’t believe how much we always take for granted and how hard people are working to take the real meaning of this celebratory month away. And so, although it is indeed a wonderful holiday season, I close by saying: Merry Christmas! Let us all rejoice together in what we have been given and the heavenly gift born on that special night in Bethlehem!

With love,
Natalie Ann

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