January 11, 2008

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I sure did! I had a wonderful time back at home in Dallas, Texas, however, it’s now time to start my last semester of college. I can’t believe it’s finally here. It seems like yesterday I was driving to Daytona Beach about to experience my first year at college, and now I’m almost done. I never believed my father when he said one day you’ll wake up and be 50 and your life will be half over. But now I know what he means. Every year I get older, they seem to go by faster and faster. So my advice to you all is to cherish every moment of your life. Have fun, work hard, and enjoy everything around you. You’re only in college once, make the most of it!

This semester is going to be an interesting one. It will be very different from my last few semesters. I’m still going to be teaching and performing my Team Safety Leader duties, however, all of my classes are not related to aviation. I’m going to be taking Weather for Aircrews, US History, and Technology and Modern Civilization. Doesn’t sound fun, however, it should be interesting. It will be good for me to have a couple of different types of classes. I am also going to be taking the CRJ course later this semester.

Weather for Aircrews is going to be a very interesting course. We are going to learn how to read weather charts from all over the world, how to analyze and forecast weather, and about the different weather trends that occur in each country. This will be a skill that will be extremely useful in helping me interpret weather information before every flight. I can also pass this useful information over to my students after I learn everything. This should be an extremely rewarding class.

US history will definitely be my most challenging class this semester. I haven’t taken a history class since high school, so I’m going to have to do a lot of outside work and studying to ensure I do well. But it will be good for me to get back into history.

Technology and Modern Civilization is actually going to be a pretty fun class. It is my last humanities class and deals with how the development of technology has changed the social aspect of living. It will be extremely educational and fun at the same time. I love to write .

Finally, the CRJ course is going to be the best of them all. It will be very similar to the training I received at Continental on how to fly the 737-700. You can read about that experience in the journals I wrote while I was at Continental last summer. The only difference is that I will be learning how to fly the CRJ-200. I can’t wait. I’ll give everyone more detail on this class once it begins in March.

I look forward to sharing my last semester at Riddle with you all. Have a great week!

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**Minor:** Aviation Weather **Age:** 21 **Hometown:** Dallas, TX **Career Goals:** To become a captain for a major airline. **Activities:** Part time flight instructor at Embry-Riddle Team Safety Leader **Why I chose Embry-Riddle:** I wanted to go to a school that would train me to be the best and safest pilot I could be. The discipline and professionalism Embry-Riddle provides for their students has allowed me to achieve this goal.

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