January 21

Hey Everyone,

Well, school has started back up – obviously – and it is already heading toward being a more hectic schedule then last semester. So far, my classes are going extremely well, I like them all and they seem to be fairly easy. I have been SO busy it is ridiculous, between school, homework, work, and all of my extra-curricular activities; it keeps me on the go a lot (and trust me I’m not complaining). I thrive on the busy life, it’s just that sometimes the busy life and your personal life add up to be too much.

There really has not been a lot going on around campus, it’s a lot of getting back into the swing of things and trying to keep up with all aspects of life. I’m still involved with the AcaFella’ s and I’m still doing ERRSA (Embry Riddle Resident Student Association) which are like my main activities, but on top of that, I’m still trying to balance Air Traffic Control Organization, and we are trying to keep the choir together, so it’s still crazy in my life. I have really just been getting re-acquainted at school and just trying to have fun.

It’s amazing that a break can bring friends so much closer, but this managed to happen over break, and I feel so much closer to many of my friends here then I ever have, so thank you Jo, Erik, Brent, and Davey, you guys are the best!

Here are my list of Classes:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Aviation Safety 210 (SF210) – Bill Martin
Communication 219- (COM219) – Sarah Fogle
Math 111 – (MA111)- Debbie Edwards
Tuesday and Thursday
Human Factors 201- (HF201) Eric Vaden
Aeronautical Science 120 (AS120) – Pete Rounseville

As I said, I love my classes so far and all of the Professors are awesome, which makes life easier. I’m hoping this will be a great semester and I am hoping that you all travel through it with me before you get you chance to shine here at ERAU! “… and did it MY WAY” –Frank Sinatra
Until Next Time, Joey Jaworski


Email: Jaworksj@erau.edu

Pictures: www.virb.com/joejaworskiatc

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