January 22, 2008

Classes have started! … and wow is it stressful already. Here’re my classes for this semester for anyone who’s curious.

PS160 (Physics II) w/ Dr.Vuille – He’s a good professor, a bit fast at times but otherwise he throws in great anecdotes and tries to make class interesting

MA242 (Calc II) w/ Mr.Lombardo – He’s claimed to be one of the best math professors at Riddle, I was sure lucky to get him. His class is interesting but I have to make sure I’m keeping up with the work load otherwise it would be so easy to fall behind. He’s a quirky character and a really good teacher.

EGR115 (Computing for Engineers) w/Mr.Lehr – This class is a basic programming class on C and MatLab. I’ve done a few years of C++ so nothing has been too challenging so far. It’s remembering all those details that aren’t important when you’ve programmed for a few years that’s going to be challenging, but this professor is also recommended and so far I’m not complaining.

HON250 – (Neuroscience of Cognition) w/Dr.French – My last honors seminar class was definitely my favorite out of the two because this one isn’t in the same style. Here it’s more of a lecture-based class and even though the professor is interesting, I was still looking forward to more student-teacher interaction. We’re learning about the brain, parts of the brain, psychoanalysis, how stuff affects the brain and different things like that. The grading system is awesome. If we show up to class, we practically get the A, which is amazing because we have no tests!

COM221(Technical Writing) w/Dr.Porter – This course is going to be a writing intensive course. My professor is great though, she makes class interesting and actually is a normal person instead of one of those professors that seem completely distant from their students. I like this class, even though the material isn’t my favorite. We’re going to be writing things like manuals, instructions, and such.

My first week and a half here has been a bit of a challenge. I’ve gotten all my books (which I ordered from Amazon at a much better price than the bookstore) and can honestly say I have used them all. I had my first physics quiz today, which was nice because it was one of the example problems. I love when teachers throw in a little bit of niceness every now and then, it’s definitely an ego booster.

This weekend we celebrated my suitemate Kerry’s birthday! We went out  a bit and then went to Fuddruckers for dinner and it was greaaat. We painted the rock the night before for her birthday! (pics are posted for that) Food on campus has gotten really boring for me. There’s only so many times you can eat pizza before wondering how you’re expected to eat it every single day. It helps that the chefs here are really open to try new things. Like yesterday, I handed over a bowl of mushrooms, onions and green peppers from the salad bar to the chef and requested a veggie burger and he grilled me an awesome burger loaded with grilled veggies. I could use another one today, yummy. It’s nice to know that even though the eggs come from cartons and the patties from the deep freezer, that they still want you to have a nice meal, like mom makes, except not…you know?

I’m applying for a position on the SGA as a Student Representative and want the position in the College of Engineering. I really really realllly want it because (like I’ve mentioned before) want to be a part of the SGA, so I know that being a part of the SRB is a very good start. I just need to update my high school resume and add the few things I’ve done in college and submit it with the answers to a few questions they asked. They’re going to give me a day for an interview and yeah, that’s it. There’s three spots open so I really hope I get one. Wish me luck =]

Anyways, I hope everyone got back into the swing of your last few months of high school. I’m hoping all your apps are in but I know riddle accepts them till about March. E-mail me if you’ve got any questions or comments. Take care everyone =]


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