January 21

Well, it’s been an amazingly long two weeks of the sparkling new spring semester. I’m finally getting settled in, but have been doing so many things, I’m glad my classes haven’t been too demanding. Not one of my classes leaves my jaw hanging wide open when I don’t understand a word the teacher is saying. (That was Chemistry last semester by the way.) Physics and Calc 2 are going at a great rate, enough to keep me busy, but not enough to overwhelm. I have a programming class that I love! I’m so thankful that I took a year of that in high school; not only did that knowledge help me get a job in SPRL, but it also allows me to just learn the new language in my class instead of hearing things like float and loop for the first time. Honors will be more difficult that last semester because our teacher is covering the subject of physics history and things like the atomic bomb. I don’t have much experience calculating decay or half-life, so I’m always hastily taking notes. We’re having a “mega-quiz” this Friday. Finally, I can’t wait to get started on the physics labs. Our first one was just a painful (especially because I hadn’t eaten) 3-hour introduction.

SPRL is going well. I’ve had a hard time getting enough hours in because I’m doing so many other things and even want to join the Society of Women Engineers this semester. My fellow freshman worker and I were suddenly promoted thanks to seniors and other lead people leaving this summer. I will be in charge of the two VERY northern Canada sites. We’re having training meetings every Monday of the semester to make sure we all will be able to run SPRL on our own next year.

I also have several fun things planned this semester and several built-in. For example, Alex (my suitemate who I always mention) is in three of my classes (honors, calc 2, programming) whereas we had none together last semester. Spree (my other suitemate who writes a journal as well) is in two (calc 2, programming) with us. And another good friend from Christian Fellowship Club is in Calc 2 and is my lab partner. She’s meteorology, so I never thought we would be in class together- what a pleasant surprise! It seems that I know at least 60% of the people in each class. What fun! I don’t have to feel alone walking between classes all the time. Plus, many of my friends and I stop for lunch in-between or go check the mail. Good times!

Christian Fellowship Club is in full swing again, too. We had a great lesson and discussion on evangelism for our first meeting and went out to pizza and buffalo wings. They had a $32 pizza with 64 slices. It was AMAZING! They had to put it on another table so it would fit. One of my pilot friends is also very talented on guitar and will be leading worship for CFC. Another girl and myself will also be helping out. We had our first practice on Thursday. Hopefully we’ll eventually get some more guitars and a piano player. We lost our two musicians from last semester to great NASA internships. I spent 2 hours earlier on Thursday with two CFC guys looking for Kelly Services so we could be hired to work at the Daytona 500. We drove by it several times, and were so lost, we called everyone we could think of. But, after finally finding the place, all three of us were hired. I get to work two 7 pm – 8 am shifts in a row watching the gate in February. Phew! Should be exciting, but very long! At least we also have Monday off that same weekend thanks to President’s Day. The final event I’ll mention for CFC is that I’m going to the Winter Jam concert at UCF with several people tonight (I’m writing this on the 19th). BarlowGirl, Skillet, MercyMe, NewSong, and Mandisa. I’ve seen the first three in a big concert festival back home, so this should be fun!

Last night was my roommate’s birthday celebration. I had fun gifts on her bed in the morning when she came back from Navy PT. Then, eight of us from the floor “kidnapped” her and took her to Downtown Disney to wander around. We also went to Fuddrucker’s for a late-night dinner. If you look at the pictures on my virb.com site, you’ll be able to see some of the fun stuff we did. Many people on Wood 5 chipped in to get her our group present- Super Mario Galaxy and another remote for her Wii. We’ve all been enjoying bowling and making our own Wii characters, so hopefully we don’t try to take over all the games now! 😉

Another thing that’s been keeping me busy/entertained has been playing cards with people on the floor as well as my Christmas gift from my parents- Blockbuster Online subscription for the whole semester. Alex and I have been fervently watching BBC’s new Robin Hood TV show. They’ve only done two seasons, so we watched the first with the DVDs and found a great youtube site for watching season two. Hooray Robin!

In closing, I’ll just briefly mention that I’ve had a ton of fun these past two weeks. We’ve gone to all kinds of stores like World Market, Publix, Barnes & Noble, Target, Michael’s… and even eaten at Outback Steakhouse. I’ve also gotten to do my best to help some floormates going through hard times as well as learning to say “No” when I need some “me” time. God has been so good to sustain me and I know I’ll have a great spring semester!

Until next time…

I can’t believe it’s almost February! (and that means Spamalot in Jacksonville with Alex & Daytona 500)

*Natalie Ann*

Pretty please e-mail me with any questions you have about anything (involving my experience or the school or engineering or whatever!). I’ve never gotten a single one!



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