February 4, 2008

Hello Journal Readers!!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a month since I’ve been here for the new semester! Last week was the first week of exams and I’m happy to say I aced my first exam this semester in Technical Writing.

Why don’t I tell everyone the bad news in the beginning, so the end will be better. I didn’t get the position on the SRB ? I came really close though! I was only of only 6 finalists (and one of two freshman) who got the second interview, so I was still pretty happy that I at least got to go that far. The first interview was conducted in the student government office with different people from the different branches of the SRB and SGA. The second interview was in front of the whole SRB in the auditorium. It was a little nerve wracking being the only one standing and talking to them in the auditorium, but it’s okay, it was only my first try.

One good that def. came out of it was a recommendation for the O-Team! Hopefully everyone has made up their mind about if they want to come to Riddle or not and if you do, try your hardest not to miss the orientation events. It’s when you really get to meet your hall mates and know campus so much better. (I’ve mentioned a lot about orientation in my first entry). Anyways, there were guides called Orientation team leaders, basically students who would tell freshmen the ins and outs of campus. I wanted to be on the team just because it looks like a lot of fun and something interesting to do. The application for this due this Friday the 8th and I really need to get started on perfecting that.

I’ve been applying to so many scholarships since I got here; the biggest one was SWE recently. Their one application makes you eligible for all of theirs, which is very convenient. Riddle also grants scholarships, but that one isn’t due until March. I’m also in need of figuring out how to do a college resume. I stopped by career services and they helped me out a lot and gave me tips on how to change my high school one to be relevant to college too.

I had my first calc exam today and spent all weekend studying, so I’m crossing my fingers for an A! Oh I forgot to mention Super bowl Weekend! Friday I had a bunch of stuff to do with TFO. We painted the rock (someone painted over it already =[ ). It looked awesome when we were done. We had the two teams on one side with a diagonal stripe and a football painted and then the info for our event on the other side. This is the third time I’ve painted the rock this year, it’s fun. The pictures didn’t come out as great unfortunately because they were taken on phones. Friday I also did a bunch of promotion for our Super bowl event. For two hours we went to all the dorms and hung up door hangers. Usually you can give the door hangers at an RA meeting but the door hangers came in later than expected. Saturday was one of my friends birthday! We sure do celebrate a lot of birthdays around here. ERAU gives every first-year student a cake on their birthday and we of course, couldn’t resist but have a mini cake fight at midnight. Then came Sunday! TFO had a Madden tournament in the morning, which a bunch of people showed up for, and TFO people played too. Then the super bowl started! I unfortunately missed the event, which I know was a blast. I had a calc exam like I mentioned before. I heard a lot of people showed up for it though and I’m gonna see who took pictures so I can post them up.

This weekend is a three-day weekend! The only thing I have to study for is my Phys exam on the Tuesday we come back, but otherwise I’m free. I know there’s this women’s’ program on Saturday which I don’t know the details for, but thought of checking it out anyways. I also decided to start working out again since I hadn’t since last semester. I went today and it was pretty energizing, so I’m going to hope I make time at least every other day to go. Anyways, I get to go home in about a month! Most people come to Daytona for Spring Break, but I’m going to Jersey, haha. I get to spend a good 10 days there, which I’m excited about because I haven’t really been home since I left for college with Thanksgiving being so short and Christmas spent in India.

Anyways, I’m about to finish up some homework. Take care everybody! Check out pictures I posted!

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