February 4, 2008

According to Punxsutawney Phil we have six more weeks of winter ahead, but I just checked the weather and next week it’s supposed to be in the high 70s!  If you are a senior and still haven’t made the final decision of which college, then think about the weather!  Do you really want to walk to classes in the snow and freezing cold?  The past few weeks I have been busy with homework, activities, and ROTC events.

This coming week most of my classes are having tests, so I will be doing a lot of studying in the next few days.  Thankfully, I only have one test each day because two tests in one day would be a little much.  In my Marketing class, we had to get in groups and throughout the semester we will be working on a marketing plan.  The group projects really teach you a lot about your personality and how to work with various people.  For my Microeconomics class, I have to write a paper and I have been trying to work on it because I don’t want to have to do it over Spring Break.  When scheduling your classes, I recommend that you take Macroeconomics and Microeconomics back to back because they are so similar and if you take a semester off you are likely to forget a lot.  All in all, classes are going pretty well!

On Thursday, the College of Business had its grand opening and you can read a news release about the event at http://www.erau.edu/er/newsmedia/newsreleases/2008/cob.html. The Mayor of Daytona Beach was there and made a short speech about Embry-Riddle and the community.  The building is really nice and a major improvement over the old building.  I have some pictures posted, so if you can’t make it down for a tour— be sure to take a look at them.  The Honors Distinguished Speakers Series had Edward Tenner come and give a talk on January 28th about “The Unintended Dangers of Safety.”  He was quite interesting and mentioned how numerous improvements in safety sometimes aren’t as good as they seem.  The next lecture is going to be given by Joe Galloway who was a war correspondent and he wrote the book We Were Soldiers Once – and Young, which was made into the movie We Were Soldiers.  I am pretty excited to hear him talk about his experiences!

For ROTC, I worked at the Rolex 24 which is not a NASCAR race but specialty cars I think.  I didn’t get to see the race because my job was to keep people from crossing this one street.  Some people were pretty angry when we told them they were going to have to walk a little farther to cross the street!  I get to work the Daytona 500 for ROTC and hopefully, I will get to see a part of the race.  We have a monthly blood drive on campus and the various ROTC branches take turns hosting them.  In January, Air Force hosted the blood drive and they needed people to stand outside of the donation bus and try to get people to give blood.  I got several people to give blood, but I didn’t give any myself.  I don’t like needles and blood, but I am trying to get over my fears.  Next time, I am going to donate blood and I will let you all know how it goes!

Last weekend, I went with some friends to see the movie “27 Dresses” and it was really good!  This weekend was my friend’s birthday, so a bunch of us went out to eat to celebrate.  Also, Silver Wings and Arnold Air (an AFROTC club) had a picnic in the park and it was a lot of fun to just hang out.  I hope everyone has fun watching the Super Bowl—I have to watch the commercials for my Marketing class!  Don’t forget to check out the pictures and if you have any questions e-mail me!

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