March 3, 2008

Spring Break is only two weeks away!!  All of my classes are going to have tests right before spring break, so I will be in need of a break by the time it gets here.  The good news is I only have one major paper to write for the rest of the semester and it’s for my Honors class.  I have already picked my topic and now I just have to do the research and actually write the paper.  Also, on the same topic, I have to give my class a fifteen to twenty minute PowerPoint presentation.  Hopefully, I will be able to get a good head start on it before spring break.  In my Computer class, I am going to start learning how to use Dreamweaver and create my own webpage.  I think it will be interesting because I haven’t done any webpage design before.

Last weekend I was pretty busy because Silver Wings participated in Charity House.  Charity House is an event that takes place on the West Lawn, in the center of campus, and various organizations compete against each other in building a cardboard house, relay races, Guitar Hero, and an egg drop.  The purpose of the event was to raise money for Star Shelter—the local homeless shelter.  Silver Wings decided to build a giant R2-D2 from Star Wars and I think we did a pretty good job in getting it to look like the actual one.  I will try to get a picture of the completed R2-D2, so you all can see what it looked like.  Overall, the event was a lot of fun and Silver Wings ended up taking third place.  I am looking forward to doing it again next year!

I got to go on my first flight through ROTC this weekend!  I was thrilled and enjoyed being able to take the controls for the first time!  The other person flew first to Flagler County Airport and then we landed and switched seats.  I was really nervous and it reminded me of my first time driving a car; hopefully, just like driving I will get better.  Right now, I am not so good at taxiing and if anyone was watching they were probably wondering what I was doing.  The airplane liked to wander over to the side of the runway!  I can say that I did a much better job at flying than taxiing and I would love to get my private pilot’s license someday!  My favorite part was when the instructor did a 60° turn and we were pulling 2 G’s.  I did post some pictures of the new airplane (only about 4 or 6 weeks old) and Embry-Riddle from the air.  Hopefully, I will get to do another flight this semester!

ROTC Mid-Terms are over—I passed the inspection, answered my knowledge question correctly, and did really well on the test.  I was pretty proud of myself and hope to do just as well for finals.  The PFA was last week and I was ready to take it; unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete the test, so I have to take it sometime soon.  ROTC just set up a mentor program and you could sign up if you wanted to join, which I did.  So far, I have met with my mentor twice and I am really learning a lot about what AFROTC is like after the first two years, which I find really helpful because you know even better things are ahead.    Also, we are planning on going to the movies next week which I am looking forward to.  On Friday morning at PT, they had this event called “Big Week” where they announced who received pilot slots and who will be going to Field Training.  I enjoyed watching it because there were a lot of really excited people and it lets you know that your turn will be coming soon.

Upcoming events—besides all of my tests—include a beach clean-up with Silver Wings, the last Honors Lecture for the semester, a beach bonfire with Silver Wings, and of course Spring Break!  Last weekend, I got to go to Joe’s Crab Shack because we were celebrating a friend’s birthday.  I ordered a hamburger because even though I like seafood, I love hamburgers and it was really good! Don’t forget to take a look at my pictures!

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