March 5, 2008

Hey Journal Readers!

These past two weeks have been pretty busy!

It turns out I didn’t make the O-team this year :/ I guess I’ll try again next year. I’m now running for the Student Representative Board for the College of Engineering for next year! This is a whole elections process with campaigning and the like. Just to be allowed to run I had to get 50 people to sign a sheet nominating me for the position. I handed that in this past Friday and now have a candidates’ reception to attend to on Tuesday! After that, there’s a long process as to how to run and so many rules to follow, it’s def. not like a high school election.

TFO has been pretty good this semester. I’m the only non-exec board in the Speaker committee and it’s been going well so far. I’ve found different speakers to come and talk to us about things going on around campus. Last week we had SGT, the aerospace engineering honor society come talk to us about admission and their values and such, very informative. Touch n Go also came and gave us a presentation about their organization, which is basically the hub for events on campus. They’re the ones that are going to have events for Freshman orientation (ie a hypnotist) and they organize concerts too!

I’ve been sick on and off for the past two weeks =/ I had the flu one weekend (the long one) and thought I completely got over it, but it left me with a bad cough for a little while. Thankfully (I think) things have mostly been going wrong during the weekends which allows me ample time to sleep and get over whatever sickness I have that week. At least I get to go home in … 13 days! I’m looking forward to the trip. It’s going to be the first time since last summer that I’ve actually stayed in my house for more than 4 days! yay! The scary part is after I come back, within a month and a half, I have to take my finals! yikes! Riddle ends so early compared to what I’m used to. My last day of finals is April 29th! In high school, my last day of school was June 28th. I get an extra two months of summer!

My plans for this summer include taking a chem. class that should transfer to Riddle, hopefully getting to do some kind of research project with a prof. at Rutgers. Then I’m going to look into learning how to fly a plane possibly either this summer or next. Years ago I went to this space camp at a college back home and I want to be the counselor for it, I think it’d be so much fun! That’s all for the summer!

This past Friday I took a calc exam, which I’m so sure I aced! Saturday, I attended this really awesome leadership seminar! I definitely wasn’t expecting to have fun at a seminar about leadership, but it was great! We did all these different workshops. I went with TFO and we split our club up so that as a club we’d all get to go to all of the workshops. The first workshop I went to was called FISH! If you google FISH! Philosophy, you can find out more info about it. It was basically about how having the right attitude about work makes all the difference. The more you think something is boring, the more boring it’s going to become. I enjoyed the workshop, we actually got to do activities instead of just sit and listen to someone lecture. Then I went to a workshop called “All in Favor” this one was primarily about the decision making process and how to avoid spending two hours discussing something that only requires two minutes. We had a mock budget cut and had to cut budgets from student clubs at a college and had to do so in a pretty diverse team. I met a bunch of cool people too. Most of the people who attended the seminar were RA’s , TFO people, or…a few others. Anyways, the last seminar was about how to make a personal impact at Riddle, what your legacy will be. All three were an hour long and it was pretty enlightening if nothing else. After the three seminars, we had a really freaking great speaker talk to us.

His name was Kirk Wiesler and his presentation style and material were amazing. Usually, I can’t stay awake through a seminar or lecture like this (motivational) after a half hour, but the entire hour and a half that he spoke, it was interesting. He gave us great tips on how to keep the audience, keep a team going strong and motivated at all times. He also suggested books that we should read, not because they’re business books that are boring, but because they teach you through stories that matter. Here, I’ll post a list, incase anyone is interested.

QBQ – John Miller

The Big Moo – The Group of 33 and Seth Godin

A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future – Daniel Pink

The Cookie Thief – Kirk Weisler (the speaker)

Those are the books he suggested, I’m probably going to get one to read for my trip back home =] I ordered the big moo for my plane ride, from amazon, about 30 seconds ago.

So bike week started and it’s pretty scary and NOISY! Oh my, all day you can hear the ‘vroom vroom’ of bikes. I go downstairs to get food and it’s crazy how loud it is even inside! I heard though that this year’s bike turn out has been substantially lower than the previous years, so I can’t imagine how noisy it was then! Anyways, I’ve posted some pictures on our way to Target of bikes and the area around here. Daytona had a water crises so we had to buy water and such because you couldn’t drink out of the fountains or sinks foe awhile! oh no.

I’ve got a lot of work to do, so I’m gonna get to it. I hope everyone has a spectacular week! And if you’re on break already, I hope it’ll be great. Bye everyone!


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