April 21

Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well. These past few weeks have been slightly more busy then the previous weeks, but not in a good way! The end of the semester is finally near and it’s just been crazy with end of the semester projects and homework and studying for exams. I’m tired out and I really can’t wait for exams to be over. This is the final week of classes and then we have exams next week, well, mine are on Saturday and on Monday so I get done early!!! Other than school nothing really exciting is going on in KDAB (Daytona Beach Airport Code).

So next week after exams I’m actually going to visit my grandfather in Punta Gorda, FL which should be a lot of fun. I haven’t seen him since last semester at Thanksgiving time. I’m going to spend two days there and then coming back here for a few singing events with the AcaFellas. We are singing at a charity picnic for soldiers and their families and then we have the Masters Degree Hooding Ceremony, and then Commencement for the seniors. That is three days in a row, so we are going to be mighty busy. After that, in about another week, we are singing at another event for soldiers and then a few of us are going to be in a play at Daytona Beach Community College with another local Barbershop group. What is not so good right now is that I’m sitting here typing and I can feel my throat starting to hurt so I really hope I’m not getting sick!

What else is there….. hmmm….. well tomorrow is the ERRSA banquet where I will be sworn in as next year’s Vice President, and then we are probably going out afterward to our favorite restaurant just to hang out because that’s what we do!!! On Thursday the AcaFellas are singing at a picnic which should be fun and a nice way to wrap up the semester before exams, and then Friday is an ALL DAY STUDY DAY!!!! I have two exams on Saturday so I have a lot of cramming to do.

So last week there were five ERAU students arrested for attempting to steal an alligator out of a mini-golf place. I thought that it was too funny not to share with you. Seriously, how ridiculous is that. What is speculation right now is that they had to do it for a fraternity. It’s just speculation, but they were all pledging the same fraternity so it’s something very interesting to see how it will unfold!!

Just to let you all know, I will be here this summer so I’m hoping to continue to write journals for you all so that you know what ERAU life is like in the summer, so please keep reading this summer! I’m not sure if this will be my last journal or not so I wanted to thank you all for reading this past year, if anything, I hope I provided you with some insight about life here on campus and in Daytona Beach. I’m still always here for anyone who has questions or who needs to talk, so feel free to contact me at any time! “No Other Road, No Other Way, No Day But Today” – Rent


Email: Jaworksj@erau.edu


Pics: www.virb.com/joejaworskiatc

P.S. Im going to the Space Shuttle launch on May 31st with press passes so I should have some nice videos and picures for you all to look at!!!

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