August 5th

Farewell Wednesday.

This will be my final entry. I have learned more than I ever thought possible and had the best experience ever this summer at Lockheed Martin. The end of my internship crept up on me and it seems so sudden that it is going to end this week. My last day will be this Wednesday. I won’t be bored between then and the beginning of school though because I am heading right up to Vero Beach to complete my Scuba Diving Instructor course before school begins again.

This last week will mostly be filled with writing up reports, summaries, and presentations of the work I have done for the customer as well as my coworkers. The work I have done was more in depth and more important to the program than I thought was possible for me when I was going into this. Some people are actually complaining and telling me that I shouldn’t leave because I have been doing so much good work that they will be swamped with the project when I leave! Unfortunately no one is offering me a full time salary yet so I am going to be heading back to classes in the fall. A full time job will be happening soon enough though and I will be enjoying my time at Embry-Riddle while I have the chance.

Last night we had a farewell dinner at a nice restaurant with all 12 of the interns. It was paid for by the HR department to our great pleasure. We all received humorous certificates as well as serious ones congratulating us on the work we’ve done this summer. Everyone pitched in to buy our HR contact Paula some roses, a thank you card, and a gift card because she had done everything for the internship program.

All in all, I must say it was a complete success in terms of experience and a lot of fun too.


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